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Irish Supplier Focus and Discount Promo – IQ Designiq-design-logo always tries to work with Irish suppliers when possible as long as we can provide our customers with quality products at good value for money.

In order to provide a comprehensive product range we also have to work with UK companies and suppliers from further afield also though.

However we work with over 20 Irish based suppliers. From large direct manufacturing companies like Exitex in Co Louth who specialise in draught excluders to smaller Irish manufacturing enterprises that produce products like the Binstrap, the Bintrasher, Obeo Food Waste Boxes and Seaweed Treatment Spray.

One Irish supplier that we started to work with 3 years ago and is now establishing itself as one of our leading suppliers is a Dublin based company called IQ Design. IQ are principally involved in the design and development of energy saving products.

Below is a comprehensive list of the IQ Design product range available through


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Stove fan and Stove Care Products

1: Smartfans (Four Models)

The Original Smartfan

2: Smartfan Accessories (Repair Kits and Replacement Blades)

3:Glass Fibre Rope (Four Sizes)

4: Flue Seal Fire Cement

5: Stove Glass Cleaner

6: High Temperature Glue

7: Heat Resistant Spray Paint (Black)

8: Heat Resistant Brush On Paint (Black)

9: Vermiculite Fire Bricks

Firewood Moisture Meter one of our top Sellers

Smart Electronic Products

10: SmartTemp – Infrared Thermometer

11: Smartsense Carbon Monoxide Alarm

12: SmartBurn Firewood Moisture Meter

Chimney Cowls (All Four Colour Finishes) & Chimney Care

13: Smartcap – Chimney Rain Cap with Integral Bird Screen

14: Smartstorm – Deigned to Prevent Bird Entry and Rain Ingress

OH Chimney Cowl. Available in 4 colours

15: Smartdraught – Wind Driven Rotating Chimney Cowl

16: Smartvent – Brewer Aerodyne Chimney Cowl

17: Smart H Cowl – Designed to Increase Updraught

18: Smart OH Cowl – Designed to Increase Updraught

19: Smart Capping Cowl – Chimney Terminal Cover (Two Sizes)

20: Smartsweep – Rotary Chimney Cleaning Kit

21: Smartsweep Accessories

Loft Insulation and General Insulation Productsthermlight

21: Loft Lifters

22: Loft Lifter Extenders

23: Thermflect Reflective Foil

24: Foil Cylinder Jacket

Energy Saving Lighting

25: Thermlight – Candle Powered Super Bright Multi Purpose LED Light


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