Rotary Chimney Cleaning Kit Accessories


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Rotary Chimney Cleaning Kit Accessories

Below is a list of accessories to go with the Smartsweep Rotary Chimney Cleaning Kit (Available Here!)



smartsweep-spare-rodSmartsweep Spare Rods There are eight rods supplied with this kit – providing sufficient assembly to remove soot products from a ten metre, (33 feet) high chimney. If a longer flue or chimney requires cleaning, additional rods are also available.






smartsweep-spare-drill-adaptorSpare Drill Adaptor The Drill Adaptor is suitable for any conventional drill chuck. If the Kit is to be used with an SDS power drill, reasonably priced SDS chuck adaptors and chucks are available for the purpose. Either type of drill should be set without any hammer action.





smartsweep-spare-headSpare Flail Head The spare Sweeping Kit Head is supplied with flails and is ready to be used







smartsweep-bunch-of-flailsBunch of 8 Flails  As well we supply a full set of 8 Replacement Flails separately.





How to Replace Smartsweep Flails?

When all the flails are withdrawn, the two halves of the head will separate.replacing-flails-rotary-chimney-cleaning-kit

Loosening the grub screw in the top of the dome will enable the withdrawal of the existing flails. Four new hexagonal flails can be bunched and then inserted from each direction. Once in position fully tighten the grub screw. This action forces the two sections apart and locks the flails in position.






Rotary Chimney Cleaning Kit

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