Scary Brexit Discounts

Why Brexit is good news for you!brexit-low-prices

The recent bold decision by the British people that they no longer wish to be part of the European Union has caused a huge recent weakening of the Sterling against the Euro.

This is good news for you the consumer! have been able to negotiate a better rate on some products from UK based suppliers and have decided to pass these discounts on to you, our customer!

Here is 5 items that are generally in high demand this time of the year which we are discounting for our customers for the foreseeable future.

1: Eco Panel Heater

Low wattage ceramic panel heater. Costs only 8 cent an hour to run

One Unit Normally €109.95

Now Only €79.95 (Save €30)

Four Units Normally €439.80)

Now Only €299.95 (Save €140)

2: Radiator Booster

Fan that sits on top of rads and blows heat into room so it heats up faster

Normal Price €34.95

Now Only €27.95 

3: Gravity Bin Lock

A keyed bin lock which will only open when the refuse workers place on tip truck. Prevents rising problem of fly tipping.

Two Wheel Bin Normal Price €39.95  

Now Only €29.95

Four Wheel Bin Normal Price €49.95  

Now Only €39.95

4: Solar Mains Free Lighting & Power Kit

Elements the need to install power supply on outer buildings, sheds etc. Includes power supply to charge and run small electronic appliances.

Normal Price from €124.95

Now only €109.95 (Save Up to €40 on some kits!)

5: Solar Battery Charger

Plug the solar panel in to your vehicle’s cigarette socket or connect directly to the battery’s positive and negative terminals and it will prevent battery from ever going flat.

Normal Price €34.95

Now Only €27.95 


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