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Natural Seaweed Extract Spray

Made in the south west of Ireland by Kerry Healthcare this new natural seaweed extract spray is called Grainne Na Mara and can be used for pain relief and to treat inflamation.

During development the product was initially sent to Southern Scientific in Killarney for toxicity analysis. The results concluded that the product was compatible with human skin and safe to use.

Over a two year period the product has been treated on over 120 people by the Tralee Institue of Technology and Banna Wellbeing Centre and has proven to be successful in treating conditions including

- Eczema

- Psoriasis

- Actute Pain

- Acne

- Arthritis

- Eye irriation

- Sinus

- Itchy skin

- Open wounds

- Scar tissue

- Inflammation

- Athletes foot

- Back pain

- Knee pain

- Hypo Throidism

- Sports Injuries

- Whip Lash

It comes in a 25ml easy to spray bottle and can be applied directly to the skin.



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