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High Temperature Glue

Design by IQ Design and part of the Smartcare range this high temperature glue is ideal to using to fix Glass fibre rope and other high temperature resistant sealing materials to metal and glass surfaces in boiler, stove and room-heater doors.

The high temperature glue comes in a 125ml bottle and a brush for applying the liquid to surfaces comes in the pack,

The adhesive is water soluble, dries slowly in air and rapidly when heat is applied. It will maintain an extremely strong bond at temperatures up to 1000C.

How to Use High Temperature Glue?

1: Clean the area where the glue is to be applied  throughly and remove any dust, dirt and grease using a wire brush or water if necessary.

2: Apply the glue liberally with the brush provided which comes as part of the pack.

3: Depending on the application, it may be necessary to temporarily support the materials being bonded for a few hours.

4: Once seals are applied, it is not necessary to wait for Thermotite to dry before using the heating appliance.



Glass Fibre Rope

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