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Glass Fibre Stove Rope

If the door rope seal on your stove no longer sealing properly it can lead to your fuel burning too fast and will add to your heating costs unecessarily.

When the door handle of your stove becomes hard to open and close it is often a sign that the glass fibre rope needs to be replaced.

This glass fibre rope is part of the De Vielle range

It comes in four different sizes 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm and each pack comes on a 2.5 meter roll.

Be sure to measure the existing size rope you are replacing before purchasing.

The glass fibre rope can be used on any doors or lids on solid fuel stove or boilers.

You might also need to get high temperature glue available here to help with the installation process.

How to Install Glass Fibre Rope on Stove Door?

1: Remove door from stove unit.

2: Remove old rope by pulling it away from the stove door and throw it away.

3: Use a wire brush to remove any remaining silicon for the cast iron frame

4: Apply High Temperature Glue into the groove around the stove door.

5: Carefully lay new glass fibre rope into position (be care not to stretch it!)

6: Press rope down gently into position

7: Cut rope with scissors to finish with and end to end butt joint.

8: Leave door for 30 minutes to allow to set.

9: Place door back on stove and start saving on your fuel costs.

Watch Stove Rope Installation Demonstration Video



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  1. Wat type of silicone do u you use on the door when replacing thedoor rope .what size door rope goes on a stanley oisin stove….

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