Heat Resistant Spray Paint



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Heat Resistant Spray Paint

This black non clogging ultra high temperature corrosion resistant finish specifically from De Vielle formulated for use on wood or multi flue stoves, coal or log effect gas fires, grates, baskets, fire backs, barbeques, pipes, flues etc. It comes in a 400ml aerosal spray can.

It can be used as a single coat, or two coats finish on bare ferrous metal surfaces.

Features and Benefits of Smartcare Heat Resistant Spray Paint

  • Resists temperatures of up to 600 degrees celcius.
  • Prevents flaking and cracking on surfaces.
  • Will dry quickly and no primer is required.
  • Dry to touch within 30 minutes of spraying.
  • The 400ml bottle will cover up to 1 square metre.

How to Use Heat Resistant Spray Paint?

1: Ensure all surfaces are clean, dry and free from dust, grease, millscale etc.

2: Shake can for at least 1 minute before use. Hold can upright at 15-20cm from surface and spray with long even strokes.

3: Allow to dry between coats.

Note: Several light coats will give a better finish than one heavy coat.

Low temperature/ high humidity will impair drying. Ensure surface is cool before and whilst spraying.

The ideal application temperature range is 8-25 degree celcius.



Heat Resistant Paint

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