Heat Resistant Spray Paint



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Heat Resistant Spray Paint

Part of the Smartcare range from IQ Design this black heat resistant stove paint comes in a 400ml aerosal spray can.

The heat resistant paint is suitable to use on domestic stoves, radiators, barbecues, industrial ovens, furnace chimneys, exhausts or anywhere a high temperature paint is required.

It can be used as a single coat, or two coats finish on bare ferrous metal surfaces.

Features and Benefits of Smartcare Heat Resistant Spray Paint

  • Resists temperatures of up to 600 degrees celsius.
  • Prevents flaking and cracking on surfaces.
  • Drys quickly and no primer is required.
  • Dry to touch within 30 minutes of spraying.
  • The 400ml bottle will cover up to 1 square metre.

How to Use Heat Resistant Spray Paint?

1: Ensure all surfaces are clean, dry and free from dust, grease, millscale etc.

2: Shake can for at least 1 minute before use. Hold can upright at 15-20cm from surface and spray with long even strokes.

3: Allow to dry between coats.

Note: Several light coats will give a better finish than one heavy coat.

Low temperature/ high humidity will impair drying. Ensure surface is cool before and whilst spraying.

The ideal application temperature range is 8-25 degree celcius.



Heat Resistant Paint



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