Heat Resistant Paint


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Heat Resistant Paint

Part of the Smartcare range from IQ design this black heat resistant paint comes in a 125ml tin. One tin should be sufficient to cover an area of 1.5 square meters.

It is suitable for use on industrial ovens, domestic stoves, exhausts, barbecues or furnace chimneys.

Use this heat resistant paint as a single coat solution or for a two coats finish on bare ferrous metal surfaces.

How the Heat Resistant Paint Works

When applied the paint will be dry to handle within one hour. The paint film will harden and become fully cured once the heating device is used for the first time after paint is applied.

Care should be taken to protect the paint film until this has occurred so it is probably best to apply the paint on a day that you intend using the heating product.

Do not apply paint when the room temperature is below 5°C as this will impair drying.

The heat resitant paint tends to be used by most people for touching up heating appliances.

For a more professional finish we recommend you use the Smartcare Heat Resistant Spray Paint.



Heat Resistant Spray Paint



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