20 Products to save on energy bill and free delivery all weekend

Here is 20 Products that can help you reduce your energy bill plus a discount code that will give you free delivery all weekend

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And here are the 20 products….

Frostwatcher – only kicks in and adds to energy bill when temperatures drop below freezing

Chimney Balloons – Eliminates draughts from unused fireplaces

3: Underdoor Draught Excluders – Eliminate cold draughts entering home through external doors.

4: Window Insulating Film – The most economical way to add an extra layer of insulation to your windows.

5: Radiator Reflective Foil- reflects heat from radiators back into the room.

6: Radfan – Blows heat from radiators into centre of room

7: Heat Powered Stove Fan – Blows heat created by stove to the centre of the room

8: Aerated Showerheads– Reduce hot water use by up to 40% without compromising showering experience.

9: Far Infrared Heating Panels – The most efficient and cosy electric heating system for your home.

10: Long Electric Hot Water Bottles – Charging this will add just about 3 cent to your energy bill and it will stay warm all night

11: Traditional Electric Hot Water Bottle – Heats up in 15 minutes and lasts all night

12: Solar Fairy Lights – Power free outdoor festive lighting

13: Oil Tank Gauge – Allows you to easily monitor usage and also ensure you never run out.

14: 900W Wall Socket Heater – Compact socket sizes heater which will heat up space in minutes.

15: Showertimer – Be more aware of how long you spend in the shower.

16: Self Adhesive Insulation foam – Insulates against draughts around window and door seals.

17: Smart Wifi Plug & Energy Monitor – Allows you to monitor the energy your plug in appliances use and also allows you to turn on and off appliances even when not on site through an App.

18: Magnetic Letterbox Flap (Magflap) – Reduces draughts and rattle free even on the windiest nights.



19: Dryer Balls – Add to washing machine and it will reduce drying time by 20% without any loud rattling noises.

20: Door Bottom Draught Excluder – reduces heat loss by up to 35%






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