Far Infrared Options

What Far Infrared Heater is right for your needs?

The growth in popularity of far infrared heating over the past few years has been immense however the only extraordinary thing about this is that it is taken so long for people to grasp quite how good a heating source it is.

Not only is it economical and can thus help reduce your energy bills it is also make a room feel extremely warm and cosy. It also takes up very little space and is completely silence when in use.

The question is which of the far infrared panels suits your personal needs best

Model Space it suitable for Other Details Normal Price
360W Far Infrared Panel Suitable to cover 7Sqm area 3 Year Manufacturers Guarantee €129.95
600W Far Infrared Heating Panel Suitable to cover 12Sqm area 3 Year Manufacturers Guarantee €159.95
750W  Far Infrared Panel Suitable to cover 18Sqm area 3 Year Manufacturers Guarantee €179.95
580W Rectangular Mirror Far Infrared Heater with LED Backlight Suitable to cover 8Sqm area 5 Year Manufacturers Guarantee €399.95

All above information provided to us by our suppliers and based on rooms having a standard 8 foot ceiling.



  1. What must i do to mount these (700w) model from the ceiling to “shine” down towards the floor direction, please ?

    1. Hi John, all panels come with accessories for mounting. Infrared heater perform best when installed on ceiling or high on wall.
      Free free to call us on 066 71 36 486 if you have any further questions

  2. Fantastic product, my wife and I are both working from home. We find the 350w heater is great to take that chill out of the air while sitting at your desk. Low energy usage at 350w’s, Highly recommend.

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