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Chimney Balloons

Having an open chimney is like leaving your window open all the time. The original chimney balloon addresses this issue ensuring your home is cosy like no other imitation product that has come on the market since it was invented by in 1989. 

Chimney Balloon (plus inflation tube)

Chimney Balloons are installed in the flue of rarely or unused fireplaces and prevent cold draughts entering your home and heat escaping through your fireplace. 

Inflation tubes for easy install are included with all chimney balloon orders on orders and we won't be beaten on price anywhere.

What Chimney Balloons Do? - Features and Benefits

  • Ensures heat loss up the flue of chimney will be a thing of the past.
  • Eliminates cold draughts entering your home through your fireplace.
  • Prevents soot and dirt coming down your chimney destroying your floors and carpets.
  • Stops whistling noises emanating from your chimney on a windy night
  • Easy to install with the 2 foot inflation tube provided and to take down when you wish to light a fire.
  • Reusable when you wish to block off the fireplace again.
  • Available in different sizes to suit the vast majority of round, square or rectangular shaped flues.
  • Come with a one year manufacturers guarantee but should last you much longer.
  • Comes with an inflation tube to ensure easy installation.

Fitting a Chimney Balloon to an open chimney is like fitting the gap with double glazing. The Chimney Balloon is designed to inflate and push against all four walls of the chimney, holding itself firmly in place. There is a small vent in the side of the product which allows some airflow, permitting your chimney to “breathe”.

The rubber bands hold the top and bottom together, enabling it to push outwards as it’s inflated. Being stretchy, they allow far greater range of flex than some other inflatable chimney draught excluders with inflexible central cores. This means each size will fit a greater range of chimneys.

Being effectively a double barrier with the top and bottom of the balloon, air is trapped inside, insulating the chimney against cold air sinking down, while simultaneously preventing warm air from rising up.

The balloon also insulates against sound, prevents debris and wildlife from falling in, and reduces weather ingress.

Chimney Balloon Sizes

7-9 Inch Round - Suits the vast majority of chimney flues in houses built in the 1970s or later. Will work on any round shaped flue.

9x9 Inch Square - Suits most small square shaped unlined flues

12x12 Inch Square - Suits most large square shaped unlined flues

15x9 Inch Rectangular - Suits most rectangular shaped unlined flues

24x12 Inch Rectangular - Tends to Suit unlined flues in Victorian Houses

36x15 Inch Rectangular - Tends to Suit unlined flues in Georgian Houses


Chimney Balloons All You Need to Know

Click on the images below for all the information you need to know about chimney balloons. If you still are uncertain about which chimney balloon size you require or have any further questions after reading the information at the below links please call us in Kerry on 066 71 36 486 (Customers outside Ireland call 00 353 66 7136486) or email

See here for full guide on how to measure what size chimney balloon you require.

See here for detailed instructions on how to install a chimney balloon

See information here about useful accessories to help make installing a chimney balloon easier


Chimney Balloon Demonstration Video

Free Inflation Tube Included with Every Chimney Balloon Ordered

At we include an free 18 Inch inflation tube with each balloon ordered to ensure easy installation. We recommend after the balloon is installed that the inflation tube remains attached to the balloon and hanging down into the fireplace. This acts as useful reminder that the chimney balloon has been installed.

Chimney Balloon Customer Reviews

Gillian Coleman says:

I bought a chimney balloon very happy with the website and the speedy delivery. I did my research and believed purchase best place to buy my chimney balloon.

Oliver, Ireland says:

I bought a chimney balloon and I am very happy with the product it has made a difference by reducing noise and stopping heat loss in my apartment. It also reduces drafts. The website and the speedy delivery were excellent it great to have a local company that can help.

Graham says:

Bought a chimney balloon,does the job as stated,very good price and quick delivery.Happy Customer,will use the site again.

Hugo Webster says:

Bought a chimney balloon from you and very pleased with your exellant service and advice. Many thanks Calum for your help.

Bobby Davison says:

When it comes to buying on the Internet I always try and find an Irish supplier. Bought a chimney balloon from purchase . ie and was delighted with the product and the prompt delivery

Rachel says:

I purchased a chimney balloon from a few weeks ago. It arrived in record time. I had set up a giant jixsaw to do over christmas right in front of the fireplace, and prior to installing the chimney balloon, I was subjected to a strong draught which was coming down the chimney. Since installation, I have experienced no draught! The chimney balloon has made a huge difference to sitting room. It is cheaper to heat and there is no noise from the chimney.

I am delighted to have come across, finding the website and service very efficient and any staff I’ve had the pleasure to deal with most curteous and friendly

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  1. I hate to be devil’s advocate here, but I’d like to know when and where the first chimney fire related to these devices occurs. Naturally somone will forget such a device is in place and light a fire. Don’t these fireplaces have dampers? There’s a quick and easy diagnosis if you forget to open the damper when starting a fire as your entire home will fill with smoke. Oops! How do you explain to your home insurance company the cause of the fire was a plastic balloon that you voluntarily stuffed up the pipe, and will they pay out for the damages?

    1. David firstly I would like to say that this product is on the market since the 1990s and we have sold thousands of units ourselves over the past 6 years we are in business so it isn’t something new. It has been tried and tested and is designed for chimneys which are never or rarely used only.
      Secondly it comes with a red label which says “remember to remove the chimney balloon” and it is suggested to customers to place this label in the fireplace to highlight the fact that it is installed. We also suggest that the inflation tube that comes with the chimney balloon is not removed after it is installed and instead hangs into the fireplace and is thus clearly visible.
      Finally if you do light a fire the chimney balloon will simply shrivel up and fall into the fireplace. We have spoken to many people in the past that wished that they had bought a chimney balloon rather that stuffing there unused chimney flue with old pillows and cushions. If you were to light a fire in this situation it would cause far more damage.

  2. Hi
    Can I ask what length is the inflation tube as it would have to be at least 24 inches
    For me to able to inflate it in position
    Thanks Martin

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