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Wool Dryer Balls 

To reduce the amount of time it takes for your tumble dryer to dry wet clothes you simply add this Dryer Balls from Ecosavers to the load.

Each pack contains 6 Wool Dryer Balls.

When you load a big armful of wet towels and/or clothes into the dryer, they will flop and tumble around. Normally fabric will stick together in the dryer, slowing down the drying process.

When you add dryer balls into your clothes dryer, the balls will get in-between the towels and clothing so the drying air can come more effectively between the laundry.

Besides this, the balls are moved gently between the laundry, so there will be less wrinkles in the fabric which reduces the ironing time.

Wool Dryer Balls can reduce drying and ironing time and therefor can help you to save energy and time.

Ecosavers Wool Dryer Balls Product features

  • Made of 100% premium quality Australian wool – 100% natural materials


  • No dryer sheets needed


  • Softens laundry naturally - no chemicals or synthetics used


  • Each ball last for 1.000 loads


  • All natural - hypoallergenic • Reduces wrinkles


  • Use 3-4 balls for medium load or 5-6 balls for full load


  • These dryer balls can be scented with essential oils such as lavender, orange, tea, tree etc. for a fresh and natural smell.


  • Almost soundless compared to balls made out of other materials like silicons.


  •  Ø 7 cm ball