Taking to Tiktok

Purchase.ie takes to Tiktok

Due to the recent sharp rise in Energy rates in Ireland we took the decision a few weeks ago to do a few quick videos demonstrating some of the products we sell that can counter the energy rises and just some general tips on saving energy.

We published these videos on our social profiles facebook, twitter, linkedin and instagram and then made what was for us a brave decision to create a Tiktok account and enter a new world that we knew very little about.

Whilst the videos were well received across the board on social channels one video in particular about what each appliance is costing per hour went down especially well on Tiktok and to date has been viewed 113,000 times.

We also had loads of interaction and people asking loads of questions. We had to create a second video in an effort to simply answer most of these questions.

We are now nearly 13 years in business but everyday is a learning day and the moral of the story is to not be afraid to experiment because sometimes you can find a captive audience in the most obscure of places.

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