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Aerated showerhead

These water saving shower heads with new air jet technology from Renergise will save water whilst ensuring you have the same invigorating shower experience as you would have with an ordinary showerhead.

By reducing your water consumption you are also saving on your heating costs. Indeed this water saving shower head can save up to 40% water and still deliver the same great performance.

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  • Bathrooms, Golf Clubs, Hotels, Hostels, Hospitals, Leisure Clubs, Nursing Homes, Offices, Universities, Schools, Shower Rooms, Sustainable Homes


  • Overcomes all of the current problems in existing products.
  • Saving water and saving money
  • Saves up to 40 % water
  • Reduce water heating & energy costs
  •  New air jet vacuum valve technology
  • The only EPA certified product.
  • Guaranteed super high water pressure by vacuum valve technology.
  • Durable and easy to use.
  • Product Finish – Polished Chrome
  • Simple water volume control by the jet core replaced.
  • Treble stronger durability with shock-resistant ABS resin.
  • Installed with a Silicon Oring endurable in high temperature.
  • Easy Clean Nozzles
  • 36 no-clog spray channels

Many old buildings have old pipe work, resulting in a low pressure water system that trickles rather than sprays during a shower. It is not economical to replace the entire piping system, so Air Jet steps in.  Air Jet can produce a comfortable, high pressured shower even if the water pressure from the pipes are lacking

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Technical Information

This Renergise AIR JET Shower fits all standard shower hoses and is supplied with a unique JETCORE flow regulator system.
With three JETCORE flow regulator sizes / flow rate options to choose from.
{Size 2.5 = 5 Litres per minute}
{Size 3.0 = 7 Litres per minute}
{Size 3.4 = 9 Litres per minute}
The Air Jet Showers are supplied with the regular size JETCORE 3.0 already installed.

Product Finish: Polished Chrome
Treble stronger durability with shock-resistant ABS resin
Max. Showering pressure : 100 psi / 7.0kg.f/㎠
Size : 210×80×60(mm)
Weight : 174g
Flow : 6~10 LPM ( 1.6GPM~2.65 GPM / 5Lpm > 9Lpm )
Standard 1/2″ outer thread & suitable for all hoses and cradles.


WaterSense Label and cUPC from EPA US


Standard one year manufacturer’s warranty




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