Rechargeable Long Hot Water Bottle


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Electric Long Hot Water Bottle

New generation hot water bottle from De Vielle. This long shaped rechargeable hot water bottle is perfectly shaped to help ease neck, knee or ankle pain or to simply lie across your back or stomach.

This electric how water bottle uses 360W of power whilst being charged. It takes just 20 minutes to heat up so each charge only adds about 2 cent to your energy bill each time you charge it and it will provide hours of heat and comfort thereafter.

This product is permanently sealed so adds no risk of scalding like a traditional hot water bottle as the heating is provided by an element inside the bottle
Indicator light on charger switches off when hot water bottle is fully charged.

Rechargeable Hot Water Bottle Technical Specifications

Bottle size:42 x 17cm

Voltage: 220-240V

Power: 360W

Frequency: 50Hz