Hourglass Shower timer



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Hourglass Shower Timer 

This hourglass style shower timer from ecosavers is designed to encourage all members to shower for no longer than 4 to 8 minutes and can help dramatically reduce energy bills and conserve water if observed.

The shower timer is manufactured to an IP protected standard and gives you 3 showering times: 4 – 6 – 8 minutes.

When the sand  in the green tube has ran its course you have been showering for 4 minutes. When the blue is complete you have showered for 6 minutes and when the red is complete you have been in for 8 minutes.

Great educational for children and even those not so young but with bad habits. Teach children to finish before the sand reaches the bottom of the hourglass.

No battery needed, simply Rotate timer to activate the hour glass style sand timer
Suction Cup help to attached the Timer on the Wall.

Installation Tip: In order to keep the suction cup strongly, please clean the surface before attaching it onto any surface (moist surface can provide better performance).

See Hourglass Shower Timer Demonstration Video