Self Adhesive Insulation Foam



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Self Adhesive Insulation Foam

This self adhesive foam from Irish company Exitex comes on 5 and 15 meter rolls and is suitable to fill gaps on seals and insulates all windows and doors.

Applying this product on windows can also help to eliminate rattling noises.

The Adhesive Insulation foam is available in four different colours and roll lengthsexitex-insulation-foam-roll

1: White 5 meter roll to seal 1-4mm gaps

2: Brown 5 meter roll to seal 1-4mm gaps

3: White 15 meter roll to seal 1-4mm gaps

4: Brown 15 meter roll to seal 1-4mm gaps

How to Install Self Adhesive Insulation Foam

1: Clean surface where installing well ensuring it is dry and free from dust, dirt grease and flaky paint  it is dry before proceeding.

2: Peel back about 10cm of the backing paper on the insulation foam so that the adhesive is exposed.

3: Press seal firmly along the seal of the window frame or door frame ensuring it will be compressed full when the window or door closes. It is best to work from the top downward and peal backing paper as you proceed along.

4: Cut with scissors in the exact right place when you have reached the end of the area which required to be sealed.



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