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Insulating Glazing Film for Windows

The window glazing film from Irish company Exitex is know as draught seal and is the most cost effective way to add secondary insulation to your windows and help lower your heating costs.

Available in three different sized packs 1.8 square meters (1.50m x 1.25m) , 4.5 square meters (3m x 1.5m) and 9 square meters (6m x 1.5m) each pack comes with double sized fixing tape to easy the installation process.

You can also now get spare fixing tape here separately 

Once installed on single glazed windows this product will provide heat retention in a room not far removed from that of a double glazed window but at a fraction of the costs.

The film itself is made from a heat shrink type of plastic. During the installation a hair dryer is used to remove and creases and effectively means that the film will go virtually unnoticed when installed.

The insulating glazing film can be installed on most window frames including aluminium frames, vinyl and wooden frames which are either varnished or painted and is suitable to fit on small and large windows as well as glass patio doors or conservatory doors.

How to Install Window Glazing Filmhow-to-install-insulating-glazing-film

1: Before installing film it is very important that hands are clean. It is also important to avoid touching the inner surface of the film or the exposed adhesive tape.

2: Wash window or door glass and dry thoroughly using a clean cloth.

3: Clean frame thoroughly ensuring to remove any dry or grease.

4: Measure window frame and cut strips of the adhesive tape to measure. Apply tape to the to the top, bottom and sides of frame. If the room is particularly cold on the day of insulation warm the window frame with a hairdyer before applying the tape.

5: Unfold and cut the film slightly larger than the taped area of the window (about 10mm ideally). Ensure that the inside fold of the film faces the window ready for application. Note: The film supplied is double folded when you open the packaging.

6: Remove backing paper from adhesive tape and press film firmly into place along the whole length of tape. Keep the film as smooth as possible to avoid wrinkles.

7: Allow 30 minutes for the tape adhesive to cure then holding a hairdryer a few inches away from the film apply heat starting from the top and working downwards. It is important to keep the hairdryer moving around all the time to avoid over shrinking the film. Continue this process until the film tightens and wrinkles smooth out.

8: Leave film for about 10 minutes then test it is installed correctly by flicking it lightly with your finger. If it makes a drum type noise then it is installed correctly.

9: Use a scissors to carefully trim film overlapping the adhesive around the frame of the window and your done.

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    1. Hi Betty,
      The product is primarily aimed at single glaze windows but there is no reason to the best of our knowledge why it can’t also be installed on double glazed windows. It should make some insulation difference.

  1. Went up nice and easy and for the first 3 or 4 it days worked great with reducing condensation, however the film then started to peel away from the fixing tape and now not only does not stop the condensation but looks unsightly as the film has gone slack. This was not a one off and has happened on each of the windows I have done (8). I thoroughly cleaned the frames first and followed the instructions implicitly so not sure what the issue is, anyone else had the same?

    1. Eddie contacted us separately by email also. It turns out it was double glazed windows and clearly he had a condensation issue anyway. We provide honest feedback about all the products we sell on our website. The product is designed for single glaze windows but some customers have told us that it works well for them on double glaze film. Also the product is sold as something to insulate not something to prevent condensation. Again we have had feedback from customers saying it has successfully addressed condensation but we would never attempt to sell it for this purpose. It is only fair that you get to read the experience Eddie claims to have had none the less as we can verify that he is a customer and he did buy this product from us.

  2. Hi, just wondering Have you any soundproofing window film? Or any advice on how to block out outside noise? We have moved into a new build in an estate And can hear everything outside. Our windows are double glazed.

  3. Hi, I live in a rented house with single glaze windows. There is a timber frame around the window so all the frame of the window isn’t exposed. Could I stick this film to the 3 sides of the frame and then to the window sill where there is no frame? Or would it not work properly because it would be taped down onto a window sill?

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