Heat Powered Stove Fan



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Heat Powered Stove Fan

Make sure you are making the most of the fuel you are burning with this heat powered stove fan from the De Vielle heritage range which is designed to circulate the heat created by a stove.

This improves the warm air circulation and will provide you with greater comfort and help you to reduce your fuel consumption. It is self-powered using the heat from the stove and therefore consumes no mains power and does not require batteries.

How the Heat Powered Stove Fan Works

The slender anodized aluminium blades gently move and distribute air over a wide area thus eliminating drafts or wind blasts.

As the stove heats up the fan automatically starts and runs faster the hotter it gets. The fan speed reduces and stops as the stove temperature falls.

Warm air created from the stove is moved towards the centre of the room instead of simply rising to the ceiling as it leave the stove area. This improves the circulation of warmth and enhances your comfort.

You will not hear the Heat Powered Stove Fan when it is running and satin black anodized blades are an attractive and durable design.

The Heat Powered Stove Fan can be fitted to the top of the stove. It also comes with optional magnets for mounting on the side of the stove.

Watch Stove Fan Demonstration Video 

Stove Fan Features, Benefits and Specifications 

• Costs nothing to operate as it uses only the heat from the stove.

• Starts automatically and adjusts its speed with the surface temperature

• For use on freestanding wood stoves

• A minimum of 80'c will see the fan blade rotate

• Distributes heat from the stove around the room giving better fuel efficiency

• Silent-cordless motor ready to use

• Maximum airflow: 100CFM

• Burn 14% less wood

• Height = 21cm

• Weight = 0.56kg

• Blade size = 18cm

• One year warranty




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  1. A gem of a website.Heat powered stove fan what a simple but effective idea.This is an essential item for our climate!

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