Road Torch



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Road Torch

This road torch will help you keep save if your car breaks down espeically on busy motorways.

Designed by Eton and also referred to as the Road Torq this great safety product requires roadside-torchno replacement batteries and is powered by simply winding it up through the in built handle on the back of the torch.

It provides a 1 Watt super bright LED spotlight and has a 3 LED orange flashing beacon lights to indicate to oncoming traffic that your vehicle has broken down.

In comes complete with a easy to fold away tripod with reflective lining, an owner manual, carrying pouch and a car power adapter.

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Road Torch Features and Technical Details

Road Torch Dimensions 63.5mm (W) x 181mm (H) x 63.5 (D)
Weight (Unpacked) 368g
Charge Time 2 Min Cranking 15 Minutes of Flashlight & Flashing Beacon Light
Power Input 12V DC




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Search Light



Solar Battery Charger


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  1. Hello team,

    I was very impressed with this item,THE ROAD TORCH,and was wondering,how long does the torch remain ‘on’ once it has been wound up? Also is there a limited number of ‘ wind up ‘ turns and does it have any kind of a ‘cut off ‘ to avoid over winding?
    Thank you,and kind regards,