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Search Light

This 3W super strong LED search light from Powerplus is also know as the Lion. The search light is guaranteed to work in any circumstances as it can be dynamo charged (wind-up) when you are not in a position to plug it in to charge fully.

The kit includes a regular AC plugin charger as well as a DC 12 V car charger.

The Search Light has a 100 metre beam range and is visible from over 10KM away.

This ruggedly designed product is made from durable materials with excellent ergonomics for safe and easy use. It comes with a 5 year guarantee

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Search light Technical Details and Specifications

Item Parameter Unit
Maximum brightness 160 LM
Weight 440 Gram
LED Lifetime >50,000 Hours
Time Fully Charged by AC 4 to 5 Hours
Time Fully Charged by DC 2 to 3 Hours
Shine time fully charged 2 Hours
Shine time 1 Minute Winding 10 Minutes
Battery 3.6V 1,200 mAh Ni-MH
AC Charger 6V, 300 mAh
DC Charger 220-240V




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