Tap Lock Handle Adaptor



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Tap Lock Handle Adaptor

The regular version of the Tap Lock is fitted on the spout of your tap but this adaptor kit allows you to convert your taplock to replace the handle on your tap.

The handle version is particularly useful for people that regularly use the tap as it never handle-tap-lockneeds to be removed once fitted. One of the great benefits of this is that hoses can be permanently connected to the tap as the locking device doubles up as your actual tap.

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How to Install the Tap Lock Handle Adaptor

1: Use screw driver to remove existing tap handle

2: Remove the internal rubber seal within the tap lock

3: Place collar over the stem then place adaptor over the stem

4: Tighten the grub screw with the supplied allen key in the adaptor kit handle-tap-lock-adaptor-accessories

5: Insert key into tap lock and screw tap lock on to adaptor.

6: Tighten grub screw, remove key and the tap is now secure and can not be turned on. It will simply spin freely.

7: To turn water on insert key and turn tap lock.

Watch Tap Lock Handle Installation Video

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