Eco Kettle Black


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Eco Kettle Black

The Black Eco Kettle is the third colour in the Wahl Eco Kettle Range following the initial launch of the White and Chrome Colours.

Replaced by Vektra Eco Kettle

With a unique and patented dual chamber design the Eco Kettle helps you to avoid wasting eco-kettle-energy-saving-recommendedenergy as you can easily boil just what you need at that point in time.

The Eco Kettle has a 1.5 litre capacity and uses just 2.2KW of energy when in use. By pressing the knob on top of the kettle you can easily decide how much water to heat from 200ml (one cup) to the full 1.5 litre capacity when you got a full house!

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expert-hardware-irelandThe Eco Kettle is also available to buy from Expert Hardware stores throughout Ireland.

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