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Emergency Hammer and Seat Belt Cutter

This emergency hammer which comes with an integrated seatbelt cutter is something that you will hope you never need to use but will be glad you have if involved in a road accident and you need to left the vehicle quickly.

Designed by Powerplus and also known as the Oryx the emergency hammer is designed to easily break the glass of a car window allowing you to leave your car quickly in the event of an accident and when the car doors will not open.

It also has a glow in the dark feature so it should always be visible and easy to locate whatever the circumstances.

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The integrated seatbelt cutter can cut seatbelts which can often become jammed and Emergency-Hammer-And-Seat-Belt-Cutterdifficult to open in the event of a traffic accident.

The emergency hammer also includes a wind-up super bright 3 LED flashlight which can be used to help you see what you are doing and can also prove to be a useful accessory in the event of a puncture. The flashlight will never require replacement batteries as it is recharged by winding it up.

Technical Information for Emergency Hammer and Seat Belt Cutter

Item Parameter Unit
Max luminous flux 11,000 MCD
Lighting time after 1 minute winding 5 Minutes
LED Lifetime 30,000 Hours




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