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Fold Up Solar Charger for Cars and Motor Homes

This portable Solar Power System has the power to ensure your battery will work when needed most whether that means preventing the car battery from going flat whilst parked at the airport or maintaining the life of a caravan or motor home battery whilst in winter storage. This product is a simple, effective and compact way to charge and maintain any 12 volt batteries

The Fold Up Solar Charger kit includes the required cables for easily connecting to a battery. To use you simply plug the solar panel in to your vehicle’s cigarette socket or connect directly to the battery’s positive and negative terminals and you are done.

The charging indicator LED on the front of the panel only lights up when the panel is connected to a battery and delivering current, so it’s easy to check that the system is working.

The Portable Solar Panel is covered with a hard wearing ABS material making it fully weather resistant and can be used outdoors in all weather conditions as well as indoors.

Features and Benefits of the Fold Up Solar Portable Charger solar-battery-charger

Will charge and maintain any 12 Volt Battery

Extends Battery Life by Up to 20%

Fully weather resistant

Comes with a built in stand

Comes with a battery charging LED indicator.

Included cables and connections allows you to attach directly to battery terminals or to an in car 12V socket.

What comes in the Solar Battery Charger Kit? solar-battery-charger-kit

1 x 4W Solar Panel with built in stand and carrying handle.

1 x 1.2M cable with 12V plug attached.

1 x 2.5m cable with crocodile clips attached.

1 x User Manual

The product comes with a 2 year manufacturers warranty.

Dimensions of Solar Portable Charger Panel

237 x 229 x 34mm (Closed)

445 x 237 x 17mm  (Open)

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