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Pingi Moisture Absorbers

When you use plug in dehumidifiers to combat condensation and musty odours your energy bills can increase quite significantly.

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The Pingi is an eco reusable alternative for countering dampness in your home, car, caravan, camper van or boat.

The pingi moisture absorbers combat condensation and musty odours wherever required. It includes an indicator which tells you when it is saturated and needs to be recharged. Blue means its fully charged and pink means it is saturated and no longer combating condensation.

To recharge your Pingi simply pop it into the microwave for about 3 minutes. On fine sunny days you can even recharge the Pingi outdoors!

Watch Video on How the Pingi Works

Features and Benefits of the Pingi Dehumidifier

1: By using a Pingi instead of a electric dehumidifier it means that your electricity meter will no longer be ticking over around the clock. The only power you will need is a few minutes now and then in the microwave.

2: The Pingi is reuseable again and again and no refill are ever required.

3: The Pingi is safe to use in your home or car. It will never leak and does not leave any stains.

4: The indicator will let you know when the Pingi has done all the work it can do and needs to be recharged.

5: The Pingi is great to use in wardrobes or cupboards. Also great catching condensation on car windscreen. It can even help to eliminate bad odours from the car boot after the dog has gone on a trip or for those smelly sports bags when the used clothes havn't been emptied. Customer Reviews Pingi Dehumidifier

Declan Corcoran says:

I purchase the Pingi Dehumidifier & Hygrometer. The products work well a year later. The service was very good and I am really happy to see an Irish company delivering a high quality service.

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Room Dehumidifier

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  1. I would recommend the Pingi moisture absorber to anyone that has condensation on their windows, I’m so pleased with my purchase .. So much so that I’m going to order More. Very good website and very prompt delivery.