Stopcock Cosy


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Stopcock Cosy - Insulates Water Supply

The Stopcock cosy is specifically designed to help stop your water supply from being cut off during freezing weather.

Simply install this ingenious device designed by Cork man Tony O' Brien in your stopcock by screwing down into place and rest in the knowledge that you will have a constant water supply no matter how cold the weather gets.

Installing the Stopcock Cosy

1: The stopcock cover is generally located outside your home on the footpath. Open the stopcock cover and remove any dirt or debris from around the stopcock.

2: Measure the height from the bottom of the valve to the top of the housing - if the stopcock valve is up high then you may need to cut off some of the material from the bottom of the Stopcock Cosy so it will fit using a sharp knife or scissors.

3: Push around the sides at the bottom of the Stopcock Cosy into the housing.

4: Twist the Stopcock Cosy from side to side and downwards. If it is somewhat tight apply  a little washing up liquid to the side of the stopcock cosy.

5: When the top of the Stopcock Cosy is fully inside the housing then close the stopcock cover and you are done

Please note: It is essential that the Stopcock Cosy forms a snug fit inside the stopcock housing so it can perform effectively as an air-tight and water-tight barrier to the cold air, surface water and ground.

Stopcock Cosy Sizes

The stopcock cosy comes in three different sizes.

1: Standard 4 Inch Stopcock Cosy - If your house was built prior to 2000 then it will more than likely be the old standard stopcock with a 'keyhole' shaped or square cover measuring approx 5". If this is the case you require this version of the product.

2: Meter Ready 6 Inch Stopcock Cosy (Circular) -  If your house was built since 2000 or you have had work done on the stopcock by your local council since 2000 then it will more than likely be a 'meter-ready' stopcock. It will measure approx 8" with a square or circular lid.  Open the stopcock cover to see if the stopcock housing is circular or oval shaped and then specify the shape when ordering.

3: Meter Ready 6 Inch Stopcock Cosy (Oval) -  If your house was built since 2000 or the local council have done work on the stopcock and the housing is not circular then go for this option.



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