Rechargeable Dehumidifier


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Rechargeable Dehumidifier 

These great rechargeable dehumidifiers from Kontrol absorb moisture and helps prevent damp and musty odours.

Perfect for us in all enclosed spaces the Kontrol Dehumidifer is ideal for use at home, in cars or in mobile homes or boats.

The charge time is typically 5 to 10 hours and the smart indicator on the face of the dehumidifier tells you when it needs to be recharged and when it has been fully charged.

The product is completely cordless when in use and no refills are ever needed so it can be used again and again.

It also comes with its own hanging hung and can absorb up to 60ml before it needs to be recharged.

Rechargeable Dehumidifier Demonstration Video

Using your Kontrol Rechargeable Dehumidifier

1: Remove from packaging. When indicator screen is bright orange it is ready for use.  Place where required on a level surface or hang where required.

2: During use, the indicator screen changes colour.  When the crystals turn white the unit is full and can be recharged.

3: To recharge connect the unit to the mains supply power using power chord provided. Typically after 5 to 10 hoiurs the indicator screen will turn orange and the unit is ready for use again.

Heat is generated during the process and the unit becomes warm to the touch.

Once recharged, detach from the plug and place or hang where required.




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