Purchase.ie Customer Testimonials


All testimonials on Purchase.ie are independently submitted using the comment box below. If you are one of our customers and are happy with the products you bought from us, the customer service we provide or both please use the comment box below to let us know what you think.


  1. I received a Trolley Dolly as a gift, which was originally given as a bit of a joke and a nod to the mountains of plastic bags in my house! Even though I had all these bags, they never seemed to make it to the supermarket with me. But that is no longer a problem with the Trolley Dolly! It is always in the boot of my car and I can honestly say, I have never run out of bags while doing my weekly shop. These bags are amazing and can take a huge amount of weight. I carried 15 litres of water in one the other day! The bags are colour coded so I can use the same ones for meat, cleaning supplies etc, every time I shop. They also come in a range of sizes and types, for example green net bags for fruit and veg. You will never need to waste money on a plastic bag again! I always keep one of the bags in my own handbag for when I’m out and about. They fold up so small, you would never know it was there. I have had so many people ask me about it and I always say go to Purchase.ie!!!

  2. I bought an Ecocamel Shower Head from your site. Delivery was very prompt and the price was very competative compared to other sites I checked. Would definitely buy from the site again.

    S Brady
    Co Kerry

  3. Moonlight – bought a Moonlight last year and its very attractive. Lovely design – and obviously it works throwing a pleasant sort of itrusive light. There are similar products with other suppliers that are cheaper but this is just nicer!

  4. I recently purchased 2 x 190L water butts from Purchase.ie. They are of a good, sturdy construction and were very easy to fit. I used them for collecting rainwater from a stable roof and use the water for cleaning out of stables and also for drinking water for my ponies.

    I would recommend this product to anyone thinking of harvesting rainwater and the delivery to Co. Leitrim was approx 4 days which I was happy enough with.

  5. I bought a chimney balloon from purchase.ie.it was deliverd the next day so no fault there. there was a mixup on a promotional code and Idid not receive it,I contacted the seller and he immediatlely refunded the promotional discount and it was in my account the same day, a thorough gentleman and a pleasure to do business with as a result I have recamended this company to all my friends whom in turn have bought items as well and found the experience as good as I did. Purchase.ie I wish you all the success in the future with your business

  6. Just an update to my purchase on purchase.ie.
    Two washes have been done now with the Ecoballs – a coloured wash and a white wash. Both washes have come out cleaner than ever before, we’re going to save a fortune with these!
    The Ecocamel showerhead Jetstorm is equally impressive. Very good pressure but now with half the water and therefore half the electricity – very economical with a couple teenage daughters in the house!

  7. I had a lot of problems trying to heat my kitchen, turned up rad, sealed doors, bought blinds, I still found it had that nip in the air. Turning up the rad worked but, with price of oil i had to turn heating down to min. I did out of curiosity buy a rad booster, This thing is the job, it took me a morning or 2 to realise that the kitchen was warmer, I have also noticed I don’t need the rad on as long or turned up as high. In time I will install more around the house, as I’m confident I will save alot on my fuel bill.

  8. I bought a chimney balloon very happy with the purchase.ie website and the speedy delivery. I did my research and believed purchase best place to buy my chimney balloon.

  9. I recently received drumstick pencils from purchase.ie. These make for a great quirky gift and delivery was really speedy!

  10. I recently purchased the Eco panel heater, and the plug in electricity monitor so that I could measure how energy efficient the panel heater is. My home is now nice and cosy, my energy bills are down and I am using the monitor to better understand how much other appliances are costing me.

  11. I’ve purchased the OWL Energy Monitor, using it I’ve been able to trace the power consumption at my house. Energy is becoming more expensive day by day, the energy bill is heavier than ever ! The Energy Monitor help me in better distributing the power consumption along the day/night time, resulting in a significant money saving. Surely the best tech gadget I’ve purchased ever !

  12. I bought a few items very happy with colms attitude to selling online and prompt service prices can be a little cheaper on ebay but that’s our higher vat rate but it’s nice to support local business. Items bought do exactly what’s required.

  13. I bought a chimney balloon and I am very happy with the product it has made a difference by reducing noise and stopping heat loss in my apartment. It also reduces drafts. The purchase.ie website and the speedy delivery were excellent it great to have a local company that can help.

  14. Purchased shower timer few months ago as I had noticed electricity bill rising as my son was a bit forgetful when it came to switching off the shower , this is a handy inexpensive little gadget which reduces time spent in shower it’s good to get into these habits before water charges are introduced!! Will probably look at buying the shower head too as I see some positive comments there! Great service also 🙂

  15. Hi Colm,
    Last November we bought three of the Radiator Boosters. They work very well. We have an open-plan sitting room and the boosters ensure that the heat from our radiators is moved around the room. The boosters can occasionally be a little noisy but this can be remedied by re-positioning them over the radiator fins. We give a score of 8 out of 10 for this product!

  16. I bought sun jars and globe outdoor lights for Christmas presents and everyone loved them! That was last year and they are still working away so I’m going to buy more this year. The service was excellent – my order was late and in the end, with just a couple of days to Christmas, the owner made a personal delivery to my door…. not that’s what I call service! Fantastic site too with so many products to choose from. I wish them the very best. Linda, Dublin

  17. I bought a few things a while back and am really happy with them. The Kelly Kettle is awesome, really easy to use and very handy. Fits nicely in the carrier bag and is brought everywhere!
    The Ecocamel Water Saving Showerhead is great, it is as described and the fact that you can tilt it means no water builds up which is great! The Showertimer does what its supposed to well and helps limit time spent in shower!
    Overall the products were great, fast reasonably priced delivery, great overall service.
    Have more products ordered so hope to be giving them positive reviews as well 🙂

  18. I bought the RadFan last week in addition to the Radiator Foil & I can say that the temperature in our north facing bedroom has increased by 2 C degrees with both of these in place. Delighted with the results. The delivery was prompt & the whole transaction smooth & efficient.

    I also bought the Eco Washing balls so I will definitely post a review once I have used them.

  19. I’ve ordered a few different cleaning products from Purchase.ie over the recent past-everything has been delivered on time, or if there’s been a delay, I’ve been kept informed politely, punctually, and professionally. I’ve been very impressed with the efficacy of all the products. Thankyou all!

  20. I bought the owl electricity monitor off these guys!
    Love it, amazing to see in real time what is wasting energy.

    Their service was brilliant. Literally had the monitor within 1 day of order and I just asked for standard delivery!

    keep supporting Irish companies!

  21. I bought the instant hot water tap for my kitchen, its very handy having instant hot water and i only heat the exact amount of water i need, very happy with my purchase.

  22. The kitchen tap swivel aerator from Purchase.ie arrived promptly and was easily applied to our kitchen faucet. It has lived up to all expectations and continues to do the job it is designed to do. Many thanks for the good service and quality products. I especially value doing business with an Irish based company.
    Many thanks.

  23. Bought a ‘Watchman Oil Tank Security Device’ from Purchase.ie over a year ago. It does exactly what it should – monitors the oil level so you don’t run out, airlock the system and need a plumber. It warns as the tank comes close to empty. Also alarms audibly if the oil level in your tank drops too fast – like when someone is stealing it. Hasn’t happened yet, thank god. Cheaper than other websites and the shops I looked in, including delivery. Good service, would use again.

  24. I bought some plug-in timers back in March. They’re in almost every room in my house. There was some sort of delay at first, but I received a very polite courtesy call to explain the issue and my products arrived no more than two days later than expected anyway. Well done to all concerned. I hope your business thrives.

  25. I bought three bottle sprayers a few months ago. They work really well. Just what I needed to mist my tomato plants in my greenhouse. Also I purchased a rail 190 litre barrel a couple of years ago. Plants prefer chemical free water and grow really well when they get it. Great value compared to other web sites and didn’t cost the earth to have delivered. Keep up the good work.

  26. Looking for a fixed shower head to reduce water use and provide a nice soft spray I found exactly the right device at purchase.ie. It was delivered at lightening speed at a very reasonable cost. That’s what I call service!


  27. Bought an eco shower head a while back. It works; service was excellent; delivedry prompt. What more can I say – hope to do business with this great Irish company again soon.

  28. Recently purchased energy saving daylight bulb which I was delighted with; instant very bright light which I can work in, really pleased with this purchase and delivery was also very fast. Would purchase from purchase.ie again without hesitation.

  29. I purchase the Pingi Dehumidifier & Hygrometer. The products work well a year later. The service was very good and I am really happy to see an Irish company deliverying a high quality service.

  30. We bought the eco panel heater and so far we are delighted with it. It is completely silent but very efficient and heats up really quickly. Communication from purchase.ie and delivery were both efficient. I would definitely recommend shopping with them.

  31. I have bought numerous products from Purchase.ie – all have been delivered quickly and of good quality. The website descriptions have been fair and accurate and the prices competitive. I will undoubtedly buy again from Purchase.ie and hope that they continue to survive in hard times. Always pleasing to buy from Irish companies.

  32. Bought a chimney balloon,does the job as stated,very good price and quick delivery.Happy Customer,will use the site again.

  33. I have bought several items from this website over the past several months including the eco camel shower head, pingi dehumidifers, eco balls and fabric conditioner and am very pleased with all of them. Delivery was fast except for my last order. I was just beginning to wonder where my order was when I was surprised and pleased to get a phone call apologising and explaining the delay. Items arrived a couple of days later. Will happily buy from Purchase.ie again

  34. I bought a few items on this site and was kept up to date when things were not in stock , Delivery was great and very nice staff working here and very friendly. Kepp up the good work 🙂

  35. I have bought several items from purchase.ie and have been very happy with the service and quality of the products. The service is prompt and when an item is out of stock they keep you informed of the progress of same. I will have no problem shopping with this company in the future when I need new products.

  36. Bought a Tanklok from purchase.ie. Delivery was prompt and I’m very happy with it. Very friendly and professional staff. Highly recommended.

  37. Very happy with my kettle – a great appliance to have and good value too! Highly impressed with the service and speed of delivery. A +++

  38. I recently bought some daylight bulbs and am very happy with them. They give out a nice white crisp light. I hate the yellow tint from most of the bulbs available so am delighted to have come across these.

  39. I’m very happy with the soap nuts. I bought them from this company because it was the best price. They arrived quickly and I’ve been using them about three weeks for all my laundry with great results. I’ll never go back to detergent now! It was my first purchase from this website but I’ll definitely buy from here again



  41. I just bought a Chinmney snug which works better for my fireplace than the chimney pillow I had before. No drafts now and easier for me to fit – very pleased with the service and quality of goods from Purchase i.e.!

  42. Hi
    Bought a chimney balloon from you and very pleased with your exellant service and advice. Many thanks Calum for your help.

  43. When it comes to buying on the Internet I always try and find an Irish supplier. Bought a chimney balloon from purchase . ie and was delighted with the product and the prompt delivery

  44. I recently purchased a portable water pump. This item is amazing, I am using it for emptying water from a fish tank, a job that used to take 3 hours has now been cut in half!Every home in the country should have one of these pumps, if i every have a flood in my house, this product will work perfectly. A handy,small design but with great power and very easy to use.As for purchase.ie, I would highly recommend this site, very professional service, great communication and back-up service.

  45. I purchased a chimney balloon from purchase.ie a few weeks ago. It arrived in record time. I had set up a giant jixsaw to do over christmas right in front of the fireplace, and prior to installing the chimney balloon, I was subjected to a strong draught which was coming down the chimney. Since installation, I have experienced no draught! The chimney balloon has made a huge difference to sitting room. It is cheaper to heat and there is no noise from the chimney.

    I am delighted to have come across purhase.ie, finding the website and service very efficient and any staff I’ve had the pleasure to deal with most curteous and friendly.

    I have a number of new products earmarked to buy, and look forward to saving money in household bills by doing so.

    Highly recommending this site to all friends and family!

  46. I bougth the solar robot,it is a good toys and it is made whit a good plastic!
    the prodouct arrived really fast and the seller “puschase”is very gentle.

  47. I bought a Solar garden Light for my sister for Christmas and she is thrilled with it. It can be hung or free standing and either way it looks lovely.
    I would definitely recommend it as it a gift.
    Great products from a great site!

  48. I bought two Eco shower heads back in January, one for my bathroom power shower and the other for a Mira shower. They both work GREAT! Much better than the original shower heads and I was really impressed by the customer service and quick delivery (less than 24 hours.) Was originally going to buy the shower heads from a U.K. company but then discovered I could keep the money in Ireland and purchased from Purchase.ie (thank you Google.)

    If only all retails outlets were as good as this one. I will be shopping here again.


    Margaret Waters

  49. I was considering purchasing a chimney balloon but descriptions on other sites had left me confused. Purchase.ie had a very concise description and it convinced me to purchase. It wasn’t an expensive item (although it was more expensive on other sites) but the service was still excellent and remarkably the product has made a dramatic change to the temperature of our sitting room. (and probably saved me a fortune by now on heating bills). Great, simple and reliable site.

  50. The chimney balloon is excellent.
    It’s kind of obvious that stopping the gale coming down your chimney is going to make your living room warmer.
    It’s not rocket science.

  51. “Maria” said it all in her post! ie

    “Maria says:
    November 18, 2013 at 10:16 am

    We bought the eco panel heater and so far we are delighted with it. It is completely silent but very efficient and heats up really quickly. Communication from purchase.ie and delivery were both efficient. I would definitely recommend shopping with them.”

    I should add that one of the panels was damaged on delivery but there was no problem when reporting this in collecting the faulty panel and replacing it.

  52. Bought twice off this website . Really pleased with the purchase and service. No doubt I’ll buy again.

  53. I used the expanding hose for the first time the other day and it was brilliant! I got the 100ft one which I think is great value. It is really easy to set up, the head to release the water has a few different settings – jet, shower etc. which makes it very versatile. It is really light and therefore easy for anyone to move it around and simple to store! Would highly recommend it!
    Bought thermal reflectors as well. They are good, easy to attach, need to include more tape though I think. It is not the best time of the year to test them at the moment but over the winter I did find the rooms held heat for longer than before the reflectors were put on.
    As always great service, will be back again!

  54. Bought the shower head – very pleased with the product and with the service – it arrived next day and emails before buying were answered promptly. I was a bit concerned before buying how to connect it, not being too mechanically minded and assumed I’d have to hire a plumber but I just had to screw off the old one and screw on the new one – easy peasy! I’d definitely recommend purchase.ie. Thank you.

  55. I got the ECO Kettle in white and i’m thrilled with it. It’s great that it’s so cost effective – it just boils the amount of water you require rather than the whole kettle full of water. It’s so easy to use – the kettle holds a full capacity but you can set it to boil anything from 1 cup to 8 cups and save energy, time and water. With water bills coming next year, who doesn’t want a handy product like this – highly recommended and it looks great in the kitchen too!

  56. I bought the Solar Radio which was very good value. Delivery was hassle-free and prompt. I just wish the radio had a way to hold the stations – preset buttons – as I have to scan each time I turn it on. But that is just a quibble about the radio – the purchase.ie experience was perfect.

  57. I bought 6 grow grids for our allotment in order to try and keep the weeds down. They worked great and our workload has been reduced greatly, delivery was prompt and the price was competitive .

  58. I bought the outdoor water tap lock. This will save me money as kids were using this in the sunny weather to play. When I am charged for water it will be a great saving device. Works well. Thanks guys! Irish company so its win win all the way

  59. Bought the swivel aerator for the kitchen sink and it does exactly what it is supposed to do (cut down on the water flow) and was easy to install. The only ‘complaint’ is that because it slows the flow, it takes longer to get hot water from the tank than it used to, but this is the price of conserving water. Great product, excellent customer service (received the item within a day or two of ordering), and it’s Irish! Will definitely buy additional items with confidence.

  60. I bought the Eco balls in June of this year. I have already saved money. The clothes come out clean and soft. So not only am I saving on detergent but I am saving on fabric softener. I would recommend this product to everyone.

  61. I bought the Water Saving Shower Head form Purchase.ie. This is a very expensive looking product at a great price. The 3 shower settings are really easy to access, and give a nice shower experience. Definitely uses less water than the normal shower head. I’d highly recommend this product. Delivery was very quick also.

  62. In July I bought an instant hot water tap from purchase.ie expecting a bit of a wait for it. I was amazed to return home 2 days later to find my purchase waiting for me. With water charges now being threatened I find my purchase has saved me a significant amount not only in power costs but it gives hot water quickly without the usual long flush required waiting for hot water to arrive from the immersion tank. I was very pleased with my business dealings with Purchase.ie.

  63. In love with my electric tap! I no longer have to boil the kettle for washing up (went through a rake of kettles)! All the family very pleased. I also made various other purchases and the service was excellent.

  64. I’ve ordered Moonlight Night Light as I was looking for an energy saving light for my kids bedroom. After placing the order and paying for it I’ve been called by purchase.ie saying the product was discontinued and they offered me to replace it with a newest version called Motion Sensor Night Light. The replacement was done without charging the price difference (new light was more expensive than the old version).
    Excellent customer service, prices are competitive and light is extremely easy to use.

  65. I am delighted with the hot water tap. It is easy to install, looks good and is so handy. No more pouring 6 litres of water down the drain waiting for the hot water to travel down from the immersion. And yes I measured how much water was being wasted. As you can use the hot water from the tap to fill the kettle, it also means less electricity is used to boil the kettle. Would recommend this product.

  66. I bought the swivel aerator tap adaptor for the kitchen, works great. I ended up putting it on without the swivel part and very happy with it. I also bought the Eco shower head which also works very well, though my wife and daughter tell me it takes longer to rinse out their hair. Great company to deal with.

  67. I bought some toilet tank banks. I put 2 in each cistern. It was difficult to fit them in but once I did without obstructing any of the moving mechanisms I am very happy. They work a treat allowing me to use less water in the toilet flush whilst still maintaining a good flush in the toilet.
    The One Touch Shower timer does exactly what it says allowing you to time your shower. It does not suction very well to my tiles but, nothing else really does either.
    I have not yet used the Ecoballs I purchased so I cannot comment on these.
    All the goods arrived very promptly and were exactly as described on the website.

  68. mine was a very small purchase but I was treated the same as if it was gold. Excellent service and thank you to the person who’s name I can’t remember, for rectifying a small error in the order. I got a phone call from the CEO about my mistaken order and it was done and dusted in a few mins. The mistake was on my part also but he was absolutely excellent in dealing with it. Thank you again. 5 stars

  69. I am really pleased with the ‘Grate Saver’ I purchased. Purchase.ie offered the best price and it was delivered within a couple of days. I have already replaced the grate in my multi-fuel stove twice before (warps within 6 months) so when I replaced the grate again I decided to try the Grate Saver which I had seen on Dragons Den. It simply sits on the grate and protects the center from the high heat which causes the middle to buckle and break. The Grate Saver has protected my grate which would have usually be showing signs of damage at this stage. Since using the Grate Saver my water and radiators have been heating a lot faster than before (not sure the reason for this but I’m not complaining) so I am really happy with this simple and inexpensive solution to my problem.

  70. I recently purchased 2 x Radiator Boosters from Purchase.ie.
    They seem like good purchases. They were as described and were delivered by courier in a couple of days.
    They work quietly when the rads get hot and they blow warm air thru the room.
    I will buy from purchase.ie again in the future and recommend the Rad booster.

  71. I purchased the Owl Intuition from purchase.ie. I had some queries about it before hand and found the staff very helpful and friendly. I ordered the product and it was delivered fast and just as described. I with definitely buy from purchase.ie in the future.

  72. I bought the EcoShower head recently from Purchase.ie. That it saves water while
    the showering experience remains the same, means funds can be saved using this neat
    shower unit which sells at a fair price. There’s plenty more to be bought from this website to outdo our ‘masters’ in Leinster House

  73. Apologies about being late at getting round to do this review. Bought the solar battery charger the water butt pump in July.
    Both are great items and are used in a poly tunnel for water irrigation. Had a car battery in the poly tunnel and had to remove it regular for charging. Since the solar charger went in I have not had to charge it since, it just keeps it topped up! Very good quality products and prompt delivery. Will definitely do business here again.

  74. I ordered a water saving shower head and toilet tank banks. Good quality products at the right price. Dealing with Purchase.ie was excellent, they provided super fast delivery. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone.

  75. In light of impending water charges I purchased a water saving shower head. I was in no particular rush in receiving this but because of the popularity of the product at that time there was a delay in getting all orders processed but was very impressed to recieve a phone call from your customer service dept apologising for the delay. The product when it arrived was of high quality.

  76. I’ve purchased a number of products from purchase.ie and have recommended them without fail to family and friends.

    The service is very efficient and communication from staff has always been professional and prompt. I couldn’t believe how quickly the products I ordered arrived over Christmas.

    I now have draught excluders on almost every door in my home, and definitely notice the difference they make. I purchased radiator foil also, which was easy to install and the chimney balloon I got was another great product.

    I have no hesitation in recommending purchase.ie!

  77. I have ordered 3 kg of soap nuts last October and didn’t order since because… I havent used even 1 bag yet! Great value for money! Environmentally/human friendly! Also I researched the price on the Internet and Purchase.ie has by far the best one.
    I was a bit concerned about a website security, contacted the customer service, they did their best reassuring me, but I still have doubts. Well to be fair nothing bad happened so far…

  78. I bought an environmental shower head from Purchase.ie. I found them once again to be excellent to deal with. The shower head was bought for an electric shower and was not great but was super when fitted to an immersion pumped shower.

  79. I purchased a moisture meter, which arrived very soon after my order. It works well. Good service. Thanks!

  80. My 3rd order for grate saver,I use it in Erin stove as does my daughter and my brother in-law who I include in my order.Sceptical at first but I do sense that it is a fuel saver and definitely protects the grate,will not be without it now but a little downside as I have to replace within a year…maybe the heat from the Cacol coal is a bit much for it especially from big fires during the winter months.Service is excellent from this company and I’m pleased to return again and again.

  81. Between us, my mother & I have bought 4 Eco Panel heaters and are very pleased with the product. They’re perfect for smaller spaces. Service was excellent.

  82. I purchased a chimney balloon and extension tube. I was pleasantly surprised at the fast delivery of my order. The extension tube was not long enough to enable the balloon to be placed at the desired height so my handyman used a pick up stick gadget to put it up the flue. He used an air compressor to inflate the balloon . The product has stopped the chimney drafts and the room is noticeably warmer so overall I am satisfied with my purchase and the customer service and corespondance.

  83. I bought the Electricity Monitoring Socket from Purchase.ie. It arrived very quickly. It was easy to set up, and using it has helped me to more clearly understand the costs of running my private well.

  84. I bought the Electricity Monitoring Socket just after Christmas. Despite being during the holiday time, it was delivered very fast and at a very reasonable price. I’m using it to monitor usage and cost of electricity in my house.

  85. Staff at Purchase.ie were very good to deal with…ordered close to Christmas and delivery time as stated. Needed to contact them afterwards and very helpful.

  86. I have purchased from Purchase.ie on 2 occasions.
    First time I ordered the Solar Mains Free Lighting Kit, initially I ordered the smallest size and then changed my mind. Even though my original order was on the way Colm was happy to facilitate me changing to the larger version. So 5 stars for customer service.
    The product its self is great. Does exactly as described on the website. Recommend the product. My alternative to this product was to run cables from house to shed which I would have to get electrician to do but this product saved that hassle and expense.
    Second product I ordered was the Grate Saver. My own stove grate had burnt through in a spot and I was having difficulty getting replacement grate. Saw the grate saver on purchase.ie and ordered straight away. Didn’t even know I could get such a simple and effective item until I came across it while browsing the site. I had the product in day or 2. Suits my needs perfectly.
    The site is fantastic and the broad range of products that you don’t know you need until you have it and wonder how you did without it.

  87. Bought a chimney balloon from this site. Excellent delivery service, very pleased with product – would definitely re-use & recommend this company

  88. I bought 3 panel heaters last year delivery was prompt a minor fault occurred in one and a second one had another fault from delivery. Colm replaced the two faulty ones and I’ve had no problems since and two out of the three are used daily and I’m very happy with them. I bought another product since and would definitely recommend them in
    The future.

  89. I purchased the Vektra Eco Kettle and it is really fast, quiet, energy saving kettle and I particularly like the fact that once you boil it you don’t have to boil it again for up to 3 hours or so, great for coffee/tea and lowering my electricity bill.

    I would have no hesitation in recommending this kettle.

  90. Instant Hot water tap
    Excellent product, providing instant warm /hot water in our kitchen. Great value for money and safe and easy to use

  91. The kettle in our home is the hardest working appliance that we own so I am simply delighted with everything about my stylish new Vektra Eco Kettle which looks great on our kitchen counter! Delivery was prompt and efficient and the kettle meets all our family needs. The 1.7 litre capacity is ideal for our big household as we always have cups of tea and hot water bottles on the go. The handy luminous on/off indicator switch is another plus – I have found this isn’t always available on modern kettles and I’m left handed so the 360 degrees swivel base suits me perfectly. With lazy teens in the house, I love the non-drip pouring spout and the handle is comfy and secure. It’s also nice and quiet – you’d hardly know it was turned on. Best of all is the fact that, thanks to the double wall vacuum construction, the water stays hot for ages which means you don’t have to keep turning it on to reheat. In our house, we always boil a full kettle, even if it’s just for one cup of tea, so it’s great that this kettle keeps the water piping hot from one boil to the next. As a result, we’re using less energy, we save water, it’s environmentally friendly and it cuts the cost of our electricity bill – it’s a win win! I will gladly purchase other products from this website and I am very happy to recommend the Vektra kettle.

  92. I bought a 10 watt solar panel for my sailing boat, to replace one damaged by vandals. It was delivered very quickly, was great value and was far superior to my old solar panel. I am delighted with it – it keeps the battery at 13.2 amps, so I’m never short of power.

  93. I bought a range of sow easy grow mats from purchase.ie . I ordered them yesterday afternoon and the goods arrived well packaged this morning in the North of Ireland. The service provide is highly recommended.

  94. I bought an electricity monitoring socket and I was delighted with the prompt delivery, I find the socket very useful as it tells me how much any of my electrical items are costing me per hour and I have been very surprised with some of my electrical items at how much or how little they cost to run.

  95. My last purchase on this website was soap nuts and the eco balls refill. I have been using both from longer then a year and I find both great. Use the ecoballs for my kid clothes and the nuts for more delicate clothes, shirts and tops. They both work very well and I don’t use fabric softener any longer. For towels and bed sheets though I keep using an eco powder which I buy here too, the Bio-D. The delivery is always so fast.
    I would totally recommend these products and purchase.ie to everyone.

  96. Very pleased with the prompt service I received and the follow up call in relation to an out of stock item. I would recommend to friends.

  97. I have purchased several items from Purchase.ie……..chimney balloon, daylight bulb, stove fan and grate saver. Very pleased with all the products which were all delivered within a few days of ordering and were exactly as described on website. Highly recommend Purchase.ie and would definitely buy from them again.

  98. Would recommend this Company and have passed on information to family and friends. Very fast delivery. Ordered the Hygrometer and it arrived in the post the next day. Would buy again from them no problem.

  99. I purchased the Eco Panel heater. Delivery was very prompt and I was surprised at the heat from panel even though I had it on the lower setting.

  100. Delighted to find an Irish website and supply for Eco products. Bought a variety of products and very happy with service and delivery. Prices are good too.

  101. My Eco Panel Heater arrived the day after ordering, very efficent service. It is simple to install, it heats my room extremely well . I am delighted with my purchase and can highly recommend it.

  102. Ordered a chimney cap and it arrived very promptly. By my mistake I had ordered the wrong size and when I contacted Purchase.ie there was no issue in returning it to them for a full refund.
    Will definitely be back to them in the future

  103. Reserved the eco radiators on line a Saturday night.. There was offer so I bought 2 boxes of 3 units per box. Delivery was only €5 in total which was amazing for very big heavy boxes .. The products are really efficient and beautifully designed and easily installed.. will buy more but the best was date of delivery, they came in post Wednesday morning, very quick!!! I was going to Dublin to put in rental property and 4 were hung in 45 mins less than 3 working days after order made.. Very satisfied with product n delivery
    Well done

  104. Sourced a fridge thermometer, very reasonably priced, super fast delivery! Will definitely shop here again and recommend you to others.

  105. Bought a grate saver, great product, will tell all my family to get one. I light a lot of fires and ended up buying a new grate every year. I can see this also makes the fire last longer. Very nice people to deal with here too. Thanks.

  106. Bought an eco panel heater.
    Had it within hours of ordering.
    Its slimline, and unnoticeable when painted same colour as wall, (use a roller not a brush), and does give heat.
    I have it through a timer switch so have control over its use. I had thought it would give off more heat, but the room is never cold anyway!

  107. I bought soap nuts for my doing my baby’s laundry. He got really bad allergy to common washing powders and the more expensive they were the worse the allergy got. With soap nuts being a natural product without any chemicals it worked wonders on my sons skin. The only down side is that any heavier stains you have pre wash as soapnuts aren’t as aggressive on stains as commercial washing powders. But the good thing is you don’t need fabric softener as the washing comes out soft with the nuts. I would hugely recommend to people with delicate skin or have any sort of skin condition. Also price is very good with prompt delivery.

  108. Bought an eco panel heater.
    Had it within hours of ordering.
    Its slimline, and unnoticeable when painted same colour as wall, (use a roller not a brush), and does give heat.
    I have it through a timer switch so have control over its use. I had thought it would give off more heat, but the room is never cold anyway!
    Great website, happy to deal again there again in future.

  109. I bought the outdoor pizza oven from this site a couple of weeks ago. The product arrived one day after ordering it. That amazed me. The oven itself is never going to compete with commercial pizza ovens, but its the closest I’ve got to the temperatures needed to get a nice crust yet. The company recommend using the oven over a gas or kettle BBQ. This is a good method provided you keep as much wind and breeze from it as possible, as the temperature can fluctuate rapidly. I have been using the oven over a small 2 ring camping stove and its coming up trumps every time.
    To conclude, The service fronThe oven is a good design, it does work for me, and I can see potential for it not to work as well, but generally speaking I would recommend it.

  110. The waspinators I ordered were delivered really quickly so thank you.
    I have not used them yet as the wasps went away as there was a big change in the weather.

  111. Hi All, I got a pingi dehumidifier, 2 electric hot water bottles and 2 solar shed lights. I’m so impressed with how fast they delivered! Quality from purchase.ie is outstanding, very happy i could use paypal and even happier that its an Irish company.
    Would highly recommend anyone to purchase any of the fantastic products on their website – will be a life long customer, thanks purchase.ie!

  112. I recently purchased two radiator boosters, I have been using them for two weeks now and the difference in the heat in the room is remarkable.
    I found the service to be excellent
    I will deal with purchase.ie again

  113. I purchased a Smoke Pencil and fluids and the items were competitively priced. The item works well and the delivery was “Next Day” as promised. Would purchase from Purchase.ie without hesitation in the future. It’s businesses like these that give me a more trustworthy feeling towards buying on line. Paul in Dublin.

  114. I recently purchased Eco soap nuts. Delivery was super fast, I ordered late one night and had them the next day. The product is quite good, clothes come out clean and soft and they are detergent free, this is important as two of my kids have severe eczema, the fact that they are good for the environment is a plus. I will be using this service again. Thank you purchase.ie!

  115. I purchased an Electric Hot Water Bottle for my mother and she absolutely loves it!
    It’s a real comfort blanket.
    Gura fada buan sibh.
    Nollaig Shona Daoibh go léir

  116. I purchased a Pingi Dehumidifier bag as a present this month. It’s exactly what my brother wanted and I was delighted to be able to order from an Irish company. Products are very reasonably priced and delivery was quick but not costly.

    I will definitely be using this service again in future!

  117. Have purchased many things from you and have found your products to be of high quality and your service to be exceptional.
    Many thanks
    Peter Gibson

  118. I agree the Pizza Oven was of great quality and delighted the receiver . Delivery was prompt and I will use this site again and recommend it to friends

  119. I bought 2 x gravity locks so I could stop people dumping their rubbish in my bins. The price on this website was the cheapest I could find, payment was easy and delivery was quick. Absolutely no issues. I have recommended the site to my sister as a result

  120. Wow, thank you for the fast delivery! I received the soap nuts today – your shop was by far the best value I could find and your customer service is excellent too. I will definitely be shopping with you again.

  121. Thumbs up.
    Recently made my first order from purchase.ie. Very fast customer service when I emailed them with a question. On time delivery. Also nice to support an Irish shop.
    Bought Ecozone EcoBalls – also for the first time. Was half-skeptical but thought they were worth a try, hoped they’d be good but didn’t hold my breath about it. Clothes washed well and smelled very fresh without using anything else. Have been using since. Hope to never have to use detergents etc again for laundry. Am considering gifting a pack to a friend for Christmas 😛
    Very satisfied with Purchase.ie & the product overall.

  122. Bought the solar, wind up radio, with flashlight and phone charger and alarm, it arrived within 24 hours, I bought this for my parents as they were still without power for a few days after Ophelia. It is probably the best purchase I have made this year and everyone wants one, I will most definitely be using this website again, Thanks for the prompt delivery.

  123. 8 years since last positive review!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM NOT SURPRISED. Has anyone had to deal with this asshole lastely?

  124. Hey, don’t take my word for it, try and deal with this fucking moron, this sob is one stupid muthafuka. Tried to export $5000 of product but this retard won’t get out of bed as he’s anti American.

  125. What an utter cunt this seller is. One filthy fucking dishonest piece of turd. Shop on this site at your peril. You have been warned.

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