Green Friday 2021

Green Friday 2021

This year black Friday is green Friday as far as we are concerned. We are focusing our promotion efforts on products that if not Irish made or Irish designed are at least sourced through one of the Irish suppliers we deal with.

Ordering any of these products in the run up to Christmas will in some way continue in helping to keep the local economy going so get shopping and we will get packing!…

Here is our top 20 green tinged gift ideas for 2021

1:NEW:  Air Fryer – (Sourced through Irish Supplier) Cooks food through hot air constantly circulating. Uses little or no oil so you can enjoy delicious fried food in a healthy way. Available at a special introductory price this weekend

2: NEW:  Window Vacuum Cleaner – (Sourced through Irish Supplier) helps you to quickly and effectively clean and dry your windows and leave them completely streak free. Available at a special introductory price this weekend

3: NEW: Clothes Steamer – (Sourced through Irish Supplier) Clever handheld product which steam kills bacteria, refreshes clothes and sanitises and removes odours from clothes and upholstery. Available at a special introductory price this weekend


4: NEW: Kids Long Hot Water Bottles – (Sourced through Irish Supplier) Wonderful 2 litre long hot water bottles which come with a striking silver stars fleece cover in pink or blue. Available at a special introductory price this weekend

5: TOP GIFT IDEA: Trolley Bags – (Irish designed product) One of our top selling products over the last few years the Trolley Bags spread out over your trolley making the shopping process far easier. Options available for but standard large trolleys and smaller express trolleys.

6: TOP GIFT IDEA: Ladies Light Weight  Wellies – (Sourced through Irish company Leon Boots) Three times lighter than your traditional welly these boots are designed primarily with your comfort in mind but will keep you warm and dry all winter long too.

7: TOP GIFT IDEA: Mens Light Weight Wellies  – (Sourced through Irish company Leon Boots) As above

8: TOP GIFT IDEA: Ringboard – (Made in Ireland) Great fun for all the family and a super way to practice hand to eye co-ordination and mental arithmetic.

9: TOP GIFT IDEA: Map of Ireland Jigsaw Puzzle – (Made in Ireland) Great geographical educational toy.

10: Bintrasher Rubbish Compactor (Made in Ireland) Rubbish Compactor which also you to get 40% more waste into your bin. Particularly useful product at Christmas time.

11: Mucky Boots Cleaner (Made in Ireland) prevents muck and dirt entering your home or business premises and allows you to keep floors clean.

12: Seaweed Treatment Spray (Made in Ireland) made in Kerry and effective in providing relief for a whole variety of ailments and treating inflament.

13: Far Infrared Panels (Made in Ireland) healthy and energy efficient electric heating which will keep you cosy all winter long.

14: Eco Bamboo Toothbrush  (Irish designed product) ergonomically designed toothbrush with soft bristles and a handle made from 100% bamboo.

15: Paper Logmaker (Sourced through Irish Supplier) allows you to recycling newspapers and make long lasting logs with a terrifically long burn time. On special offer.

16: Electric hot water bottle (Sourced through Irish Supplier) a long time favourite product from Charges in 15 minutes and eliminates risk of scalding.

17: Long electric hot water bottle (Sourced through Irish Supplier) new 2021 product perfectly shaped to eas neck, knee or ankle pain.

18: Heat Powered Stove fan (Sourced through Irish Supplier) sits on stove and as stove gets hot the 4 blades circulate leading to warm air spreading across the room and the room heating up faster.


19: Pizza Oven (Sourced through Irish Supplier) sits on barbeque and will allow you to cook pizzas on stone base within a short few minutes that taste great.

20: Infrared Stove Thermometer (Sourced through Irish Supplier) accurately measures the temperature of your stove from a distance (the comfort of your armchair)

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