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The Bintrasher

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The Bintrasher clips on to the hinges of your wheelie bin and through a simple push down process compacts your rubbish.

It is estimated that you will get about 40% more rubbish into a standard wheelie bin
by using a Bintrasher.

Watch Video on Bin Trasher with Bobby Kerr

Are you one of those people that stands into the bin to try to get the same result?

The bintrasher is certainly a safer option!

With the Bintrasher you should always be able to close the lid of your bin properly meaning no bad odours.

What is more it should help to prevent vermin  and indeed birds or the neighbours cats and dogs deciding to decorate your garden with your waste!

For 600 litre or 1,100 litre bins check out the commercial bin trasher




Bin Trasher (Commercial)



Bin Lock

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