How much electric appliances cost to run?

Which appliances are leading to high energy bills?how much does appliance cost to run

Energy bills can often shock us as you wonder what happened in your home over the past two months that doesn’t usually happen. Plug In Energy Monitors will let you see pretty accurately how much individual plug in appliances are contributing to bills and for a fuller overall view on what you are spending in real time the Eco Eye Smart Energy Monitor will give you an accurate picture. It also will measure the accumulative spending so you can pretty much predict how much your next bill will be from looking at the screen.

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Below is a rough guide to how much some of the most popular electric appliances contribute to you energy bill for every hour that they are in use.

Electrical Appliance Typical Wattage Output per hr Approx Cost Per Hour Used
Washing Machine 650W 13 cent
Tumble Dyer 5,000W €1
Clothes Iron 1,000W 20 cent
Dishwasher 1,800W 36 cent
Electric Shower 8,500W €1.70
Hair Dryer 1,500W 30 cent
Television (36 Inch) 200W 6 cent
Laptop Computer 60W 1.2 cent
Portable Radio 5W 0.1 cent
Cordless Phone 2W 0.04 cent
Electric Kettle 3,000W 60 cent
Microwave 850W 17 cent
Toaster 1200W 24 cent
Vaccum Cleaner 1400W 28 cent
Refrigerator 180W 3.6 cent
Fan Heater / Oil Based Electric Heater 2500W 50 cent
60 Watt Light Bulb 60W 1.2 cent
5 Watt LED Bulb with 60W Light Output 5W 0.1 cent

Above figures are calculated based on your energy provider charging you 20 cent per Kw used.



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