How much electric appliances cost to run?

Which appliances are leading to high energy bills?how much does appliance cost to run

Energy bills can often shock us as you wonder what happened in your home over the past two months that doesn’t usually happen. Plug In Energy Monitors will let you see pretty accurately how much individual plug in appliances are contributing to bills and for a fuller overall view on what you are spending in real time the Eco Eye Smart Energy Monitor will give you an accurate picture. It also will measure the accumulative spending so you can pretty much predict how much your next bill will be from looking at the screen.

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Below is a rough guide to how much some of the most popular electric appliances contribute to you energy bill for every hour that they are in use.

Electrical Appliance Typical Wattage Output per hr Approx Cost Per Hour Used
Washing Machine 650W 13 cent
Tumble Dyer 5,000W €1
Clothes Iron 1,000W 20 cent
Dishwasher 1,800W 36 cent
Electric Shower 8,500W €1.70
Hair Dryer 1,500W 30 cent
Television (36 Inch) 200W 6 cent
Laptop Computer 60W 1.2 cent
Portable Radio 5W 0.1 cent
Cordless Phone 2W 0.04 cent
Electric Kettle 3,000W 60 cent
Microwave 850W 17 cent
Toaster 1200W 24 cent
Vaccum Cleaner 1400W 28 cent
Refrigerator 180W 3.6 cent
Fan Heater / Oil Based Electric Heater 2500W 50 cent
60 Watt Light Bulb 60W 1.2 cent
5 Watt LED Bulb with 60W Light Output 5W 0.1 cent

Above figures are calculated based on your energy provider charging you 20 cent per Kw used.



      1. I just purchased the unit to measure the energy used by an appliance. We just got the bill for the last 2 months billing period . We are a family of 3 I work nights and my partner works from 5am till 4pm . My daughter leaves gor school and is gone all day . This bill was for 402.00 euro and im absolutely gobsmacked. Every bulb is energy saving . Our showers are power showers we have the oil heating on for 2 hrs every evening. Do you have any tips to reduce the cost .

      1. Is there any difference in unit rates cycle if I use the washing machine in morning v/s if I use it in mid night..may be 10 or 11 o clock in the night? Can you please let me know the exact timelines.

    1. How much would it cost to run an oil heater 1500kw for an hour every day for a month? House mates trying to blame high bill on hardly any use of oil heater , went up drastically in 2 months over winter , another person in the house has a heater but denying using it

      1. If it claims to be a 120W cooker you got to assume that is the high setting. This would cost about 2 cent per hour to run. If the low setting is half that (60W) it would cost about 1 cent per hour to run.

  1. Good evening, My electricity supplier charges .1739c per unit excluding PSO levy, standing charge and VAT @ 13.5%. (25cent per unit when included) Does your figure of 20c per unit include PSO levy, standing charge and VAT? Thank you

    1. Anne this article is an independent blog post which was written a number of years ago to provide a very rough estimate of costs for users at time of publication. If the overall cost is 25 cent per kw for you it should be very easy for you to make your necessary calculations.

  2. Hi,

    I am worried about the annual cost of running a B- rated condenser tumble dryer. The annual KWH is 561.

    By my reckoning it’s an additional €35.00 a month but not entirely confident in my calculations.

    Can anyone shed any light on it for me?


  3. Hi,

    Would you have any idea how much a 2kw ariston water heater would cost to run over a 24 hour period on full heat? My first electricity bill for 2 months we’ve used nearly 1700 units in a two bed cottage with all new electrics and we can’t figure out what is using so much.


  4. Hi,
    I have fairy lights with USB, plugged into a Phone Charger, could you tell me how much
    It would cost to run it for 24hrs please.

  5. Hello, I was wondering if you could tell me how much it would cost to run a 200L chest freezer (annual consumption 222 kwh) per day in Ireland please. Thank you!

  6. Hi

    Would the fan heater and the oil heater not be different prices per hour, even though they’re both 2500w. The fan heater element would be constantly on to heat the air. While the oil heater element turns off and on over the period of the hour?

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