Free Energy Saving Tips 2022

Free Energy Saving Tips 2022

As Ireland’s leading online supplier of the largest range of energy saving products we felt it was only right that we provide a few tips that don’t require you to get the credit card out at a time when we are all under serious pressure to pay our bills.

Before you go on it is also worthwhile checking out our table of the the most popular electric appliances used in the home and how much they will cost you to use when the new rates come in in October 2022.

Also here is a guide on 11 products that can help you reduce your energy bills.

Here is 6 tips to help reduce your energy bill that do not require you to spend a cent.

1: If you have not done so recently the most clear and obvious way to reduce your energy bill is to change energy provider and to keep doing this regularly. There are sites like and that can help enable you to get the best rate possible but you could be saving yourself in the region of 700 euro year a year by taking this simple action.

2: The more water you put in a kettle the longer it will take to boil so either just boil the amount you need or alternatively boil a full kettle and fill a flask with the boiling water you are not using. A boiling kettle adds about 90 cent an hour based on you paying a rate of 30 cent per KW to your energy provider. See list of how much each appliance is costing you here

3: Keep your fridge closed as much as possible, out of direct sunlight and regularly defrost it so it has as little work to do as possible to stay cool and therefore uses less energy. Whilst a fridge only costs about 5 cent an hour to run we go to remember it is an appliance that is on all the time. Over the course of a month the fridge will contribute about 35 euro to your energy bill and more if not running efficiently.

4: Only use dishwasher and washing machine when you have full loads and try to avoid the tumble dryer as much as possible as they will add 1.50 euro an hour to you energy bill. Alternatively of course you can get the dog to assist with the dish washing process!

Even Head of Security Ralph is in energy saving mode

5: Close blinds and curtains during the winter to help maintain room temperature better and consider sticking a cosy jumper on or using a hot water bottle as a comfort when sitting in front of a telly rather than running heaters needlessly.

6: Take quicker showers. Electric showers add about 2.55 euro per hour to your energy bill. If a family of 5 each reduced shower time by 2 minutes per day you would save over 12 euro a month on your energy bill.


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