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Eco Eye Smart Electricity Monitor

The smart energy monitor is the most recent model that Eco Eye have produced and on top of all the energy measurement features the older models have, the smart boosts a number of attractive new features.

The smart monitor allows you to set your own daily energy usage targets and has a built in traffic light load indicator which very visually display excessive energy use patterns.

Both the smart monitor and the smart pc are suitable for domestic use. The Eco Eye Smart 300 and Smart 600 are essentially the Eco Eye Smart for three phase commercial premises.


The only difference between the Smart 300 and the Smart 600 is that the Smart 300 comes with three standard sensor clamps for cables up to 13mm in diameter whilst the larger sensors can handle up to 200amps and is suitable for cables up to 22.5mm in diameter.

If in doubt it is always safer to opt for the Eco Eye Smart 600 option as it will work whatever your situation is.


An on screen  daily usage target graph also allows you to easily see if you are under or over target on your energy usage on any given day.

You can also store historial data for up to 128 days with the Eco Eye Smart.

The monitor itself is more energy efficient than the older models with the average battery life of 3 years as opposed to one year for the Mini and Elite models.

Eco Eye Smart PC Kit

For those looking for an even deeper analysis of their energy usage patterns they can opt for the Smart PC Monitor kit which includes an Eco Eye Memory Card and USB data cable and allows you to create detailed graphical information on your computer using the Eco Eye Trax Software.

By using the Smart PC kit you can store data for up to 10 years through the memory card. There is no need to keep your PC on 24/7 to use this product as you can choose to transfer the data in real time via the USB interface cable or data saved to the memory card.


What Comes in the Smart Energy Monitor Packs?

- 1 Smart display monitor

- 1 Standard 13mm sensor and cable (Smart 300 comes with 3 standard sensors, Smart 600 comes with 3 large sensors)

- 1 Transmitter

- 2 AA Batteries

- 2 C Batteries

- 1 Plastic Access Key

- 1 Eco-Eye Memory Card (Smart PC Model, Smart 300 and Smart 600 Only)

- 1 USB Data Cable (Smart PC Model, Smart 300 and Smart 600 Only)

- Detailed Installation Instructions

Eco Eye Smart Energy Monitor Check List and Technical Specifications

Portable Display Unit Yes
Display Freestanding Yes
Can it be Wall Mounted Yes
Wireless Transmitter Yes
100 amp 13mm sensor 3 phase compatible Yes  (Choose Eco Eye Smart 300)
200amp 17.5mm sensor 3 phase compatible Yes  (Chose Eco Eye Smart 600)
Coverage range 30 meters
Display Unit Size 138 x 70 x 38 mm
Screen Size 114 x 43 mm
Maximum number of sensors you can use 3
Is it Multi-Tariff Yes (6 tariff options on Smart PC, Smart 300 and Smart 600 Models)
Transmitter Battery Life 1 Year plus
Monitor Battery Life 2 Year plus
Transmitter sample rate 4 seconds
Low battery warning Yes
Connectivity Indicator Yes
Display Currency options € £ $
Current sensing range 0.2 – 100/200 Amps
Transmitter mains power option Yes
Display monitor mains power option Yes
LCD Display panel Yes
Other Features
24 hour clock Yes
Temperature Display Yes
USB PC Data Link Yes
PC data Analysis software Yes
Memory Card Socket Yes
Traffic light load indicator Yes
Daily target graph Yes
Daily target % display Yes
History Reset Facility Yes
Firmware upgrade (User) Yes (Requires USB Cable)
Display Modes
Hour Kw / Cost /KgCO2
Day Kw / Cost
Week Kw / Cost
Month Kw / Cost / KgCO2
Year Kw / Cost
Period accumulated display Yes
Sequential display of all modes Yes
Trip Meter User Settable Yes
Data Storage Capacity 128 Days (10 Years with Smart PC, Smart 300 and Smart 600 Models)



Solar Panel Energy Monitor

No longer available


Eco Energy Monitor

Replaced by Efergy Elite


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