Bin Trasher (Commercial)


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Commercial Bintrasher

Compress your refuse and save on waste charges with the commercial bintrasher.

Suitable to be used on both 660 litre and 1,100 litre bin the commercial bin trasher attaches to the wall behind where you generally place your bin.

The commercial bin trasher comes with a rail designed to be attached to the wall. To use slide the bin trasher across the wall.

To compress waste simply pull down on the handle and create up to 40% more space in your bin.

As the Bintrasher helps to ensure you can always close your bin lid properly it helps to eliminate the risks of vermin.

Most importantly of all it can help to reduce your spending of waste bills in local authority areas which operate a pay per weight system.

See Demonstration Video on How to Use the Commercial Bin Trasher



Bin Trasher (domestic)

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