Eco Cleaning Kit



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Eco Cleaning Kit

Give the home or office a proper green clean and save money in the process with and go one of our eco cleaning kit packs.

The starter kit is perfect for the first time buyer and the larger kits are great for bed and breakfasts, self catering accommodation providers or if you simply want to save more money and have plenty of storage space available.

Contents of the Eco Cleaning Starter Kit

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1 Box of Eco Dishwasher Tablets (25 Washes)

1 Bottle of Eco Washing Up Liquid (500ml)

1 Bottle of Eco Bathroom Cleaner and Limescale Remover (500ml)

1 Bottle of Eco Toilet Cleaner (750ml)

1 Bottle of Eco Multi-Surface Cleaner (500ml)

1 Box Ecoballs (150 Washes)

1 Litre Bottle of Eco Fabric Conditioner (1 Litre)

1 Dish Squeegee

1 Pack Micro-fibre clothes

Contents of full Eco Cleaning Kit

4 Boxes of Eco Dishwasher Tablets (100 tablets in total)

4 Bottles of Eco Washing Up Liquid (Total 2 Litres)

4 Bottles Eco Bathroom Cleaner and Limescale Remover (Total 2 Litres)

4 Bottles Eco Toilet Cleaner (Total 3 Litres)

4 Bottles Eco Multi Surface Cleaner (Total 2 Litres)

1 Box Ecoballs (1000 Washes)

4 Bottles of Eco Fabric Conditioner (Total 4 Litres)

1 Dish Squeegee

1 Pack Micro fibre clothes



Lint Catchers

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Eco Laundry Whitener

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Dry Cubes

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