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Eco balls are a natural alternative to conventional washing powder and most importantly can save you up to 80% on your detergent costs.

Made by Ecozone, Eco balls are available in 2 different starter packs suitable the new 240 wash pack (old version was 150 washes) or the pack which is suitable for 1,000 washes.

The Ecoballs have a scientifically formulated filling which pentrates powerfully into fibres. This lifts away dirt without fading colours or damaging fabrics.

Each Kit includes a eco stain remover for use on heavily soiled clothes.

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Ideal for use for people with sensitive skin eco balls are scientifically tested and proven to

* Produce a fresh and clean alternative to conventional detergents

* Eliminate the need to add a fabric softner

* Has a stain remover power comparable to the leading eco powders.

* Because ecoballs don't contain any chemicals that leave a build up in the fabric you can cut out the rinse cycle and save water if your machine allows this option.

How to Use Ecoballs

1: Follow laundry fabric care label instructions and place load into machime drum. Never overload machine.

2: Use 1 Ecoball for smaller loaders or 2 for larger loads or loads with heavily soiled clothing.

3: Place the Ecoballs on top of the load towards the rear of the drum.

4: For best results set to wash at between 30 and 60 degrees.

5: When finished washing for the day take Ecoballs out of the drum and allow to dry.

6: Do not use in tumble dryer as this will shorten the life of the Ecoballs.

When to Top Up Ecoballs?

When the cleaning power begins to decrease you will notice that the pellets inside the Ecoballs have decreased in size and that the balls have become lighter. When this occurs  it is time for a top up.

Leave the old pellets in the balls and top up with the refills that come as part of the kit.

When the refills are finished you can get a eco ball refill pack here. The refill pack contains enough pellet for 1,000 washes.

Ecoballs Customer Reviews

Nigel Mercier says:

Two washes have been done now with the Ecoballs – a coloured wash and a white wash. Both washes have come out cleaner than ever before, we’re going to save a fortune with these!

Silvia McCabe says:

I bought the Eco balls in June of this year. I have already saved money. The clothes come out clean and soft. So not only am I saving on detergent but I am saving on fabric softener. I would recommend this product to everyone.

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