Indoor Composter Kit


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Urban Composter Kit

The Urban Composter Bin Kit provides you with an easy way to treat your food waste indoors and turn it into both a nutrient rich fertilizer for your plants and high quality compost for your garden. Best of all it helps to eliminate bad odours and fruit flies from your kitchen and reduce your waste charges.

Made in Australia the kit includes an attractive 15 Litre Bucket along with a bottle of composting spray which uses microorganisms to break down food waste and a bottle of cleaning spray to use on the bin once emptied and ready for reuse.

With the Urban Composter Bin you can no longer have to use unsightly plastic bin bags in your kitchen or need to use the council provided brown bins which sometimes tend to create bad smells and attract vermin due to only being collected fortnightly.

As the Urban Composter can be used indoors it is ideal for people in apartments or houses with small backyards.

The anaerobic composting process means that food you put into the bucket doesn’t give off a foul-smelling odour.  The solid seal on the bucket ensures a tight fit, so no smells, spills or flies.

Just leave the bucket in a convenient location in the kitchen or another easy-to-reach place like your garage, laundry room or even on your balcony.

What comes in the Indoor Composter Kit?

- 15 Litre Urban Composter ( 40cm height x diameter of 28cm) complete with lid and tap for releasing liquid fertiliser.

- 500ml bottle of Compost accelator with effective microbes which will break down the kitchen scraps placed in the Urban Composter

How to use the Urban Composter Kit



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