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Telescopic Selfie Stick 


This clever telescopic selfie stick from Kingavon is compatible to use with almost any smartphone. 

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When used it will control your mobile phones camera to take photos.

It has a 3.5mm audio jack and is adjustable between 55 - 90mm in width.

To use you insert cable plug into phone's audio jack.

If it doesnt work straight away you download the Camera 360 app and ensure you are running IOS above 5.0.1.

To extend carefully rotate the mobile clip for 270 degrees and then hold the two sides of the selfie stick to stretch slowly.

Insert phone into the clip holder and open the camera function on your mobile to take photos by pressing the camera button on the selfie stick.

To fold, carefully rotate the mobile clip back and hold the bottom of the extension holder and press it with your thumb. Fold the other side of the holder up to the hard part then draw it back slowly.