Radiator Booster


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Radiator Booster (New Turbo Logic Model)


Replaced by what we feel is a far superior product the Radfan

The Radiator Booster turbo logic is a simple low energy plug in device which maximises the efficiency of your central heating radiators by sucking up the lost heat from behind your rads and gently circulating it around the room. 

The new Turbo Logic version is even better than the old MK3 model for a number of reasons.
1: The air flow it pushes out is 2.5 times more powerful than the old model helping rooms to heat even faster.
2: New curved style design with a directional airflow grid.
3: It is larger in sizes meaning it can capture more heat.
4: It is quieter when running than the older model.
5: Integrated rubber feet meaning it sits on the radiator more securely.
6: Despite all the improvements the price remains the same.


Watch Demonstration Video on how the Radiator Booster Works (Features Older Model) 

It is estimated that on average with a Radiator Booster installed you reduce the thermostat in the room by between 1 to 3 degrees Celsius and thus save about €170 per annum on your energy bill which means a pay back time of about 10 weeks. (Based on UK data from the Energy Saving Trust)

How to Use the Radiator Booster

1: Place the Booster on water filled radiator as close to the back wall as is possible.
2: Never use the device on electric radiators and never in a wet-room or bathroom.
3: Plug the power adapter into the wall socket and connect the Booster lead.
4: Switch on at the wall and the Booster end-light will glow red. This is standby mode.
5: Wait for the radiator to get hot. As hot air rises up into the Booster the fan will start up as soon as 30 degrees Celsius is reached. At this point the light will turn green to show the fan is running.
6: The Booster will continue to operate until the radiator starts to cool down. When the temperature drops below 28 degrees C the fan will stop running and the Booster will go into Lock-Out Mode for 120 seconds. The fan will not be running at this point and the light will now flash green.
7: After the Lock-Out period is complete the Booster will either return to Stand-By condition with the light glowing RED (radiator is now cool) or it will start the fan once more with the light glowing Green (radiator is still hot).
8: Please note the radiator must get hot in order for the device to work. If you can keep your hand on top of the radiator for at least 60 seconds this indicates the radiator is not heating up properly. If this is the case you should consult a heating engineer.
9: In rare cases you may find plastic housing of the Radiator Booster makes a slight vibration noise against the radiator. Inside the box of the Booster you will find some “vibration-absorption” pads which can be attached to the Booster where it touches the radiator. These should reduce the noise.
10: During normal operation you may hear a slight fan noise – similar to that of a computer fan. This is completely normal. It is usually only just audible in a quiet room.
11: The Radiator Booster comes with a 3m cable to reach the nearest power socket. You can also get a Radiator Booster Extension Cable to give you an extra 3 Meter Reach to the nearest socket  

If you have any other questions email us on sales@purchase.ie or call 066 71 36486

How Much Energy Does the Radiator Booster Use?

The Fan Running time on the Radiator Booster is around 300 to 500 hours per year on average. The fan is rated at just 1.2 Watts. Allowing for the switched-mode power supply losses and the fan use gives a maximum annual power use of about 2KW/h Therefore (based on current  Irish electricity tariffs) the Radiator Booster should cost you about 34 cent per annum to run.

What Did Which Magazine Say About the Radiator Booster?

" Our test labs found that with the radiator booster fitted, the room heated up more quickly, the thermostat needed to come on less often and energy consumption dropped" April 2011

Radiator Booster Product Specifications

Size 700mm (L) x 100mm Width x 90mm Height

Weight 700 gramms

Material: Recyclable Polypropylene

Mains Power Adapter: UK Plug 12 V 200mA max

Mains Cable Length: 1.9 M (Extensions Also Available  Here)

Mains Consumption standby: Less than 1 Watt

Mains Consumption active: Less than 3.5 Watt

Thermostat Activation Point: 32 degrees Celcius Approx (water temperature in rads).

How do Purchase.ie Customers rate the Radiator Booster?

John Nolan says:

 I had a lot of problems trying to heat my kitchen, turned up rad, sealed doors, bought blinds, I still found it had that nip in the air. Turning up the rad worked but, with price of oil i had to turn heating down to min. I did out of curiosity buy a rad booster, This thing is the job, it took me a morning or 2 to realise that the kitchen was warmer, I have also noticed I don’t need the rad on as long or turned up as high. In time I will install more around the house, as I’m confident I will save alot on my fuel bill.

Dominic says:

 Last November we bought three of the Radiator Boosters. They work very well. We have an open-plan sitting room and the boosters ensure that the heat from our radiators is moved around the room. The boosters can occasionally be a little noisy but this can be remedied by re-positioning them over the radiator fins. We give a score of 8 out of 10 for this product! Thanks, D&M




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