Chimney Balloon Extended Handgrip



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Chimney Balloon Extended Handgrip

Sometimes to reach the flue in your chimney can be quite a stretch. If the flue is 4ft or further up your chimney we recommend that you buy an extended hand grip.

How does the Chimney Balloon Extended Handgrip work.

  1. Attach extended handgrip to your chimney balloon prior to inflation. Ensure that the tap side of the extended handgrip is on the far side of the balloon.
  2. Attach inflation tube to the opposite end of the extended hand grip
    Ensure both the tap on the chimney balloon and the extended handgrip remain open.
  3. Feed the balloon up your chimney flue.
    Commence blowing into your inflation tube until balloon fully inflated and fitting tightly in your chimney flue.
  4. Close tap on the extended hand grip.



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