Walk In Mini Greenhouse



Mini Greenhouse (Walk In)

Reap the benefits of a greenhouse at a fraction of the cost with this mini greenhouse. A great solution for those living in a confined space area.

Whilst this product is called a mini greenhouse it is big enough to allow you to walk into it with dimensions of 140CM in Width x 70cm in Depth and 195cm in height.

The Mini Greenhouse comes with six shelves which can be adjusted at any point to allow for plant growth. It can be assembled in minutes (instructions included) and requires no external tools to carry out this task.

The frame is made from aluminium and the cover is made from a durable and strong UV Stabilised Polypropylene.

What is the Mini Greenhouse Suitable for growing?

This small greenhouse is ideal for growing vegetable plants such as pepper and tomatoes. It is also great to use to propagate seeds in the early part of the season and for hardening off plants in the spring and protecting them from harsh weather.

Advantages and Tips for Using Walk In Mini Greenhouse

The Mini Greenhouse comes with a heavy duty reinforeced cover. This helps protect plants against scorching sunlight. It also includes a roll up panel which can be zipped up and down at any time to easy access and to allow for ventilation.

Another great aspect about the Mini Greenhouse is that because it is small and light it can be easily picked up and moved to a different location if required.

For those thinking for positioning the Mini Greenhouse in an area that is exposed to wind the good news is that it comes with ropes and pegs to secure it tightly to the ground.

It is advised that the cover is always warmed to room temperature before covering the frame when assemblying the product and in order to prolong the life of the plastic cover it is best that it is removed during the winter months.



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