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200 Litre Cloudburst Water Butt Kit


This 200 Litre Cloudburst Water Butt kit comes as a stylish barrel shaped container built with a wood grain effect.


Green in colour with a black child proof lid the Butt has handles on the sides for easy lifting.

Also contained with this Water Butt Kit is a stand to fit the Water Butt on so that you can easily place your watering can under the butt. A tap is also included at the base of the Water Butt so that you can release the water from the butt.

A downpipe divertor kit is also included with the kit. This is suitable for any standard round (68mm) or square (65mm) downpipes. When the water butt is full rainwater will automatically revert to going back down the pipe so there will never be an overflow from the water butt.

To fit the Water Butt to the downpipe you will have to cut out a section and replace it with the divertor kit.

Cloudburst 200 Litre Water Butt Dimensions

Height (with stand) 118cm

Diameter 68cm

200 Litre Water Butt Kit Contents

- 200 Litre Water Butt

- Childproof Lid

- Downpipe Divertor Kit

- Stand

- Tap

- Comes with a 5 year manufacturers guarantee.

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