Solar Fountain



Solar Fountain

This solar fountain pump has a huge battery power storage facility meaning that it will work all year round whatever the weather conditions and at nightime also when the sun light has gone done for the day.

Due to the combination of a high specification motor and a premium crystalline 20W Solar Panel water flowing through this fountain can reach an impressive 2 meter height during sunny weather conditions.

The solar battery back up control box ensures three things.

1: The pump will work even in poor weather conditions and after dark.

2: The box includes an in built timer which when activated means that the pump will run for 15 minutes every hour thus ensuring that your pond water keeps circulating.

3: The box has a simple rotary controller which allows you to adjust the speed of the pumps motor which in turn dictates the height the water flowing from the foutain reaches.


This solar foutain pump comes complete with an fountain LED ring light making it look spectular after dark.

The internal 7Ah battery ensures that the fountain can work for between 4 and 7 hours constantly when fully charged.

The amount of time it will run constantly is influenced by the flow rate setting and whether or not you are using the LED fountain ring light.

The solar pump set comes with a two year warranty and the battery box is IP65 rated.

When in use it can pump 980 litres per hour.

What Comes in the Solar Fountain Pump Kit?


1: 20W Solar panel with 5 meter cable

2: Solar Pump

3: Solar Battery Backup box set

4: Fountain LED light

5: 2 Nozzle Accessories (classic and cloche fountain head)

6: Spike to help position solar panel in place.

7: The solar fountain pump kit comes complete with detailed assembly directions.




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