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The Grow Grid is an Irish made product developed by Galway man Eoin Flaherty. GrowGrid helps to prevent garden weed growth around plants making your life a lot easier.

With GrowGrid spending hours on your hands and knees pulling weddings and tinning veg is a thing of the past!

In essence the GrowGrid is a weed control membrane sheet with holes punched at intervals.

The sheets are available four different patterns to suit various vegetables, plants and cut flowers. They also come with biodegradable stakes to secure it to the ground.

This Durable product can be used several times during the growing season and will last for five seasons in all.

What will the GrowGrid Do?

1: Eliminate weeds around vegetables, cut flowers and plants

2: By getting rid of the weeds it should result in improved harvest rates.

3: Reduce the amount of time and effort you spend weeding and tinning

4: Reduce the impact of pests and diseases on your plants.

5: Eliminate the use of chemicals and promote organic growth.

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How to Use the GrowGrid

1: Place the Growgrid onto a prepared seed bed and pin it to the ground with the included pegs.

2: Plants and seeds will then be sown directly into the GrowGrid. A bulb planter should be used to ensure that plants such as potatoes, cabbage and turnips are sown deep enough into the grid so as to reduce the need for potting up.

3: Water the seeds and plants regularly especially during dry hot weather to prevent then from drying out.

What sizes the Growgrid come in and what they are suitable for?

The Growgrid is available in four different patterns all of which are available in large and small sizes.

Growgrid A

Large: 1.5 Meters (W) x 4 Meters (L) (Fits 48 Plants)

Small: 1.5 Meters (W) x 2.2 Meters (L) (Fits 24 Plants)

Suitable for growing aubergine, beetroot, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, herbs, kale, lettuce, parsnip, peppers, potatoes, spinach, swede, turnip, strawberries.

Growgrid B

Large: 1.5 Meters (W) x 4 Meters (L) (Fits 84 Plants)

Small: 1.5 Meters (W) x 2.2 Meters (L) (Fits 42 Plants)

Suitable for growing basil, beetroot, garlic, herbs, leeks, lettuce, parsnip, radishes, shallots, spinach, swiss chard, tarragon, turnip

Growgrid C

Large: 1.5 Meters (W) x 4 Meters (L) (Fits 12 Plants)

Small: 1.5 Meters (W) x 2.2 Meters (L) (Fits 6 Plants)

Suitable for growing artichokes, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, herbs, kale, peppers, swiss chard, tomatoes.

Growgrid D

Large: 1.5 Meters (W) x 4 Meters (L) (Fits 154 Plants)

Small: 1.5 Meters (W) x 2.2 Meters (L) (Fits 77 Plants)

Suitable for growing basil, beans, carrots, garlic, herbs, leeks, lettuce, onions, oriental leaves, peas, radishes, spinach, tarragon.



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  1. Looking forward to a reduced weed free allotment site I think I have about 8 of your growgrids. I hope to prove the older lottie holders wrong by the easy season I hopefully will have. Im a convert I love your product. THANKYOU