Pedal Powered Washing Machine


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Pedal Powered Washing Machine and Spin Dryer

Fancy saving on your electricity bill and getting a little bit of exercise in the process? Also known as the Twister this new washing machine and spin dryer designed by Ventus is powered simply by putting pressure on a foot pedal.

Product has been discontinued

How to Use the Pedal Powered Washing Machine

The pedal powered washing machine is ideal to use on light clothes such as baby wear and Twister-Power-Free-Washing-Machineunderwear. To use simply fill with water and then add clothes, a little washing powder and pedal gently for a few minutes.

The pedal powered washing machine fully supports what is referred to as the modern wash cycle (pre.wash, soak, rinse and spin) and uses water effectively and sparingly.

Whats more it won't add to your energy bill and it portable and easy to bring with you wherever you go.

The Ventus Twister is perfect for when you need to wash a small load at home and don't want to waste electricity. Also great for bringing on camping trips or for a stay in a caravan or camper van. The Pedal Powdered washing machine is also great as a back up at home during power cuts.

Watch Video Demo of the Pedal Powered Washing Machine

Twister Power Free Washing Machine - Technical Specifications.

Barrel Washing Capacity 13 Litres

Basket Spinning Capacity 4 Litres

Dimensions: 343mm x 405mm x 455mm

Weight 2.7Kg

Comes with a detailed user manual.




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