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Outdoor Lock for Water Tap

With water metering not far away protecting your water supply against theft will become a greater issue than ever come next year.


This outdoor tap lock from Spinsecure fits on the spout of almost all outdoor taps and protects your water supply against theft, vandalism and unauthorised use.

No padlocks are required for this product. When used outdoors, padlocks tend to rust up and seize due to weather erosion meaning that you will eventually have to break the lock to access the water.

Instead opening and locking the Spinsecure Tap lock is done through a magnetic key.

Popular for domestic use, in schools, on farms or any commercial premises it works on all standard outdoor taps and hose bibbs.

When installed the tap lock becomes a free spinning obstacle which is virtually impossible to remove. It thus prevents access to the water supply. It uses a magnetic locking system and the product is made from a hard non ferrous zinc alloy which makes it weather proof as well as tamper proof.

If you use your outdoor tap regularly you can order a tap lock handle adaptor which allows you to install the locking device as a tap handle.

See more information on the handle adaptor here

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Unlike other security devices TapLock can be keyed alike so that multiple taps can be secured with the convenience of having only one key.

This of course does not mean that anyone with a taplock key can access your water supply as each key is coded to match the lock.

No adhesives or sealants are required when installing this product and each unit is supplied with 2 keys.




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  1. Hi.
    Just wondering if each key is unique to the outdoor tap kit it is sold with, or can they be purchased in shops?

  2. I bought two of these for my sister and she is delighted with them . They are easy to attach and appear to be very secure. A very good idea if you have a tap that can be accessed by people who shouldn’t.