Outdoor Water Timer


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Outdoor Water Tap Timer

This water timer from Kingfisher gardening has the ability to water your plants at a certain frequency and for a particular length of time.

It can help you save time manually watering your plants and if well managed it can help to conserve water as it can take away the risk of over-watering plants.

It fits on any standard ¾ Inch Irish Stand Type Tap and works with standard adaptor hose or brass hose connector.

Ideal for using on plants in greenhouse or polytunnel and a very useful product to have when you know that you will be away from home for a few days.

The Outdoor Water Timer works with 2 AAA rechargeable batteries (not supplied)

Easy to install the Timer comes with a tamper and water resistant cover which protects the dials. It has a low battery indicator and will operate gravity fed from a water butt (with threaded 3/4" water butt tap).

Installing Watering Timer

1: Unscrew and remove waterproof cover from the face of watering timer and slide out the battery box from its compartment in the timer. Install 2 new AAA 1.5V alkaline batteries and close battery box.

2: Test unit by turning the run time knob from the off position. You will hear the sound of the motor within 30 seconds. You will be setting the programme momentarily.

3: If you do not hear the motor check to be sure that the batteries are installed correctly.

4: Hold the timer and loosen the large locking collar ring located at the top of the timer until the inner black faucet collar is loose. Screw the black faucet collar onto the faucet/tap until it is hand tight and then hand tighten the large locking collar ring.  Turn on the faucet/tap to open the flow of water. (Do not use wrenches or pliers to tighten the collars.)

How the Outdoor Water Timer  Works 

Turn knobs on face of watering timer to set up the frequency time in hours and the run time in minutes. The first time you programme the timer it will not begin watering until after the time delay The time delay is the number of hours to which you set the frequency knob. 


You want to water your plants at 6.ooam every morning and 6pm every evening and you want the water to last for 10 minutes each thime.

You should firstly water your plants manually at 6am or 6pm and then attach timer to programme it to do so automatically at either 6am or 6pm from then forward.

Set the frequency knob to 12 hours and the run time knob to 10 minutes.

After 12 hours the automatic timer will commence its first programme which will last for 10 minutes.



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