Water Filter Jug

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Water Filter Jug

This 2.5L Water Filter Jug from Aqua Optima will help to provide you with cleaner water and better tasting cold and hot drinks.

It also help you conserve water as you don't need to leave taps run as long and will help to extend the appliance life of kettles, coffee machines and other electric appliances that use water.

The jug comes with a 1 month filter pack and separate filter pack can be bought separately from us as required.

The Aqua Optima unique 5 step water filtration system reduces chorline, limescale, herbicides, pesticides, lead and heavy materials.

The jug has a total capacity of 1.2 litres with a filtered capacity of 1.2 litres. It fits most fridge doors and is fitted with an easy fill lid.

See Aqua Optima 2.5 Litre Water Filter Jug Demostration Video