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Lumi USB Rechargeable LED Light

The Lumi LED Light gives up to 12 hours of superbright light per charge.

It can charge through any usb socket through the integrated usb adapter and comes complete with an advanced lithium battery for faster charging.

The Lumi light is a great camping accessory and is indeed great for use in any situation where mains power is not available.


It can be used in tents, marquees, on parasols, awnings or on a gazebo.

It can help you to transform your greenhouse, shed, garage or patio.


It is also a wonderful product to have on hand at times of power cuts and indeed for any ocassion where emergency lighting is required.

Lumi Light Technical Specifications

- 5v USB Light

- 6 x SMD high brightness LEDs

- Powerful LED (39 Lumens)

- Integrated USB charging adapter

- Built in 200mAH li-ion battery.Battery voltage 3.7

- Charging time 3 to 7 hours (depending on current from the charger)

- Run time up to 12 hours when fully charged

- Built in switch to turn on and off

- 4m of cable attached

- Hanging Hook Included

- Will effectively illuminate an area of 9m Squared (3m x 3m)

- Product dimensions 110mm x 110mm x 110mm

- Operating temperature -25 degrees to +55 degrees

How to Charge Lumi Light 

It is important to fully charge the Lumi Light before first use.

1: Connenct usb cable to a USB Charging port. This can be a phone charger, a laptop or a powerbank such as the Freeloader Pico if a mains power supply is not readily available.

2: Once light is connected to power supply a small LED glowing light will indicate a charge is taking place.

3: The red LED will turn off and a Green LED will light up one the unit has been fully charged.

4: To turn on or off the light simply press the blue button on the base of the light.




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